October 18, 2017

Wednesday Evening Thread: The Good Guy

  • AxelFoley

    Aw, Miranda, why you gotta hit me with the images of those sweet little kids and my sweet Whitney?

  • crazycanuck

    Somebody please clue me in, what is going on on Twitter about some imagined girlriend. I’m at a loss.

    • Miranda

      Apparently Notre Dame’s revered linebacker made up some sob story about a dying girlfriend all season or something…and its all coming out now…and Notre Dame is saying he’s the victim of a hoax..but how can that be when the story was repeated in all the sports media (and CBS morning and CNN, etc) all season long…its all very strange…but Dave Zirin WENT THERE about it:

      Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports
      Is it possible that Te’o tale isn’t a “fake GF to win Heisman story” but a “fake GF to fake heterosexuality” story?

      • crazycanuck

        Whoa, interesting. But why make up such an elaborate story? Strange indeed.

      • PBomb

        I just read about this on Deadspin. This whole situation is crazy. Honestly, I am on the same wavelength as Dave Zirin.

        • crazycanuck

          But why such an elaborate ruse?

      • trose1

        Alot of men lie about their conquests etc. The guy probably started lying and couldn’t stop it before it became part of his bio.
        I guess he thought he would get sympathy. He is young and probably lies alot.

  • Miranda

    Anonymous ‘Stop Being Black’ campaign brings racial inequality to light in Brooklyn

    A mystery billboard campaign is spurring some conversation on the streets of Brooklyn.

    The new ads states in bold letters: “Don’t Want to Get Stopped by the NYPD? STOP BEING BLACK.”

    The bright blue billboard is part of a larger campaign called RISE or Racism Still Exists created by an anonymous group whose mission “is to illuminate some of the ways in which racism operates in this country,” according to their Tumblr page.

    more here

    • Alma98

      I love this!

  • Miranda

    OWN selling expensive ad space for Oprah’s Lance Armstrong interview

    Lance Armstrong’s highly-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey on her cable network OWN is expected to make a pretty penny.

    Reuters reports that OWN is close to selling out of advertising time at premium prices, according to a senior network executive. OWN is expected to sell all the remaining commercial time for the two-part interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

    “We are seeing a great demand in the marketplace,” says OWN President Erik Logan in an interview on Tuesday.
    more here: http://thegrio.com/2013/01/16/own-selling-expensive-ad-space-for-oprahs-lance-armstrong-interview/

  • Alma98

    Who’s this BlazePhoenix ass in the POU twitter tl talking smack?

    • Ebogan63

      Just a damn dirty lie.

      • Alma98


        • Ebogan63

          In response to that idiot BlazePhoenix in POU’s TL lyin on PBO

          • Alma98


  • crazycanuck


    Prince schedules 6 shows at Minneapolis jazz club
    By The Associated Press

    Prince has booked six last-minute shows at a Minneapolis jazz club this week in which he’ll audition for a new drummer and host a jam session.

    The singer-songwriter musician will play two “sound check” shows Wednesday night, two jam session shows Thursday night and two shows Friday simply billed as “surprise.”

    Tickets went on sale Tuesday morning.

    Minnesota Public Radio (http://bit.ly/13zFzLW ) says the Minneapolis-born Prince picked the Dakota Jazz Club for the shows, instead of playing at his own Paisley Park venue.


    • Joy

      My Baby! Hoping he does some shows near me soon.

    • AxelFoley
    • TyrenM

      Those tickets were GONE in less than an hour. I heard about it at 11:30. By 12 They weren’t answering phones and web site saying Sold Out. (Do not disturb.) Tickets high as hell. A working brother didn’t have a chance. But yeah, he’s here tonight playing for Minneapolis bourgeousie.

      • crazycanuck

        Well, I would have had to resort to ****looks around**** stealing lmao. How much were the tickets?

        • TyrenM

          Starting at $250 for the balcony. Higher than Madonna at the Xcel Center (St. Paul hockey arena) last October.

  • Joy

    How did I miss this? Just reported on Rev Al:

    Valerie Jarrett recalling moment during ACA battle: “We’re sitting in the Oval Office, and the president asked [the legislative director] Phil Schiliro—who always could figure out what’s that third way—“Phil, what’s the third way?” Phil said, “Mr. President, unless you’re feeling lucky, I don’t know what the third way is.” And so the president gets up from his chair and he walks over and he looks out the window, and he says, “Phil, where are you?” Phil says, “I’m in the Oval Office.” He goes, “What’s my name?” Phil says, “President Obama.” He goes, “Of course I’m feeling lucky.”

    Django ain’t got nuttin’ on PBO! And I need to find me a man like that!

    • Alma98



    • rikyrah


    • AxelFoley
      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – –AxelFoley. – –LOL – – THIS IS 4-EVA!! LOL —

    • TyrenM

      Phil, what’s my motherfuckin name?
      Say it again!
      One more time.

      Don’t u forget it!

      • rikyrah

        bwa ha ha ha ah ha

    • GN

      Considering where we were when he took office, I have trouble comprehending the dire straights this country (and worldwide economy) would have been in without this man.

      And wrt to healthcare, against all odds, including the improbable seating of Scott Brown, HE GOT IT DONE. 10 to 15 million people newly eligible for Medicaid. Medical loss ratio capping the amount which insurance companies can spend on overhead and profit, effectively making them public utilities. Insurance exchanges encouraging innovation; research and development dollars… Best POTUS of my lifetime.

      • AxelFoley

        Sho’ nuff.

    • Miranda

      Which is why I want Hail to the Chief replaced with The Man Right Chea….let him walk into the State of the Union on that bassline. LOL

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Joy. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – — –

      —- – -***fist bump*** – –“What’s my name?” Phil says, “President Obama.” He goes, “Of course I’m feeling lucky.” – –Ooooooweeee! –

      – – —‘CAUSE – – -HE CAN DO WHATEVA – -HE LIKES! – –

      – – -***YEAAAAAAH — -RAP POSE!***

      Sooo good 2 C U :>) – – – –

      • conlakappa

        Where are all the “You Mad?” t-shirts?

  • Ladybeemitchell

    Happy New Year, POU fam! I know I’m late, but my laptop was giving me all types of fits, and my phone won’t let me post. But, know without a doubt, I have been my usual lurking self!!

    To sum up the year so far: PBO STAYS WINNING, so the emos, tea-partiers, NRA, and republicans need to sit down, before they no longer exist–for real!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Ladybeemitchell. ***BIG —HAPPY NEW YEAR —HUG*** :>) —

      – – —-LOL — – –To sum up the year so far: PBO STAYS WINNING, so the emos, tea-partiers, NRA, and republicans need to sit down, before they no longer exist–for real! – —

      – –U! – – – -GOT! – -IT! – — Good 2 C U. :>)

  • Miranda

    So amusing to see these white fauxgressives whining about PBO’s “diversity” in his cabinet. Howard Fineman and Dee Dee Myers really embody the patheticness of this whole charade of a issue.

    • Joy

      It’s a slow news season, they gotta make up drama until the next election cycle rolls around.

      • conlakappa

        True. It was either that or just talk about the specialness and history of the re-election.

    • nellcote

      Dee Dee Myers mention Michele Flounoy twice. When asked what she knew about her, she said “nothing”. Somebody tell Dee Dee that Flournoy is a neo con and she should shut her ignorant mouth.

    • TyrenM

      Fuck Howard, they had to have a PUMA for the conversation.

  • rikyrah
    • Tafr

      rikyrah I have been watching the reruns of Fringe I love it! Reminds me of my beloved X Files but better. I am on season 3 watching it on the science channel.

      • rikyrah

        Fringe is a show that I am shocked has gotten to have an entire run. I just didn’t think people would stick with it….but, as it ends, I’m happy, because they got to write the end they wanted.

    • aleth

      I have become obsessed with this show and greys after watching on netflick. I am not really a tv show watcher but got sucked in..

  • goldenstar

    Watching Ed Show and La Blade is scheduled to appear tonight. Watch out!!!

  • jds09

    I cannot wait for B. Todd Jones’ senate confirmation hearings. You know PBO, Holder and Jones have sat around the coffee table in the Oval Office laughing about this shit.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evenin’ miranda/POU FAM♥ – – —***BIG HUG*** :>)


    BLESS THEM! – -AMEN. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -WHAT DA FLIP??? — — -***furrowed brow**** :>) — —

    – – –Detective: Prankster registered to vote as ‘Barack H. Obama’ in 2008 – —

    – – –A Pennsylvania detective is trying to figure out how an apparent prankster was able to fill out a 2008 voter registration card signed “Barack H. Obama.”

    By the time Butler County elections officials processed the card, it went into the state’s computerized database with the last name “Obana” — that is, with an ‘n’ in place of the ‘m.’ But a detective tells The Associated Press that whoever did it was clearly trying to register using President Barack Obama’s name.

    The card was discovered last week when a jury commissioner in the county north of Pittsburgh was compiling a role of potential jurors which, in Pennsylvania, can be drawn from voter registration lists.

    – – –***mumble – – -wait til I go back there — -mumble — – -He betta B somewhere –SAFE!!, , , *** LOL — –

    • nellcote

      I wonder if the guy actually voted.

      • GreenLadyHere

        nellcote – -Reads as ifff not. :>) – –***shakin’ my head*** :>) – –

      • TyrenM

        We would have never heard the end of it if he did.

  • Camille


    So Michael Bloomberg is now taking credit for making President Obama do everything he instructed him to.

    You can’t make this shit up.

    There’s no way I could ever go into politics. I would either hurt a few someones really badly or throw the entire system upside down.

    • AxelFoley

      You ain’t neva lied. Lots of mofos on both sides would have either got their feelings hurt or their asses kicked.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -WAY-ELL – – -CONGRATULATIONS R IN ORDER – —:>)- —

    – – – –MSNBC’s Tamron Hall to host ‘Deadline: Crime’ series – —

    – – – –MSNBC’s Tamron Hall will soon take on double duty hosting a new show. The current host of NewsNation has been tapped to be the face of Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall, an hour-long 13-part series that is set to air on Investigation Discovery (ID) in the fall.

    The Texas-born journalist will be joined by a team of correspondents with extensive knowledge of law enforcement. The show will include insight from detectives, prosecutors and psychological profilers as well as criminals and their victims to reveal what caused people to turn to crime and whether justice was ultimately served.

    Discovery Network revealed more details about the series via a recent press release:
    — —-Tamron Hall, the respected network and investigative journalist, who knows first-hand the effect of violent crime. Tamron’s older sister was a murder victim in a case that is still officially unsolved. DEADLINE: CRIME goes beyond the headlines to explore not only what happened, but why it happened, and how it was investigated.
    – – –
    THERE IS MORE. – – – —BEST WISHES. :>) – —Lookin’ FORWARD – — ->:>) – –

    • angee

      WOW didn’t know that about her sister. Good bless her!
      Is she still dating Lawrence? He’s always showing a lot of clips of her on his show.

      • GreenLadyHere

        – —HEEY angee – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – -SADLY – –I had heard her speak of it. – -RIHEP – —
        –No guess. BUT – – Have heard of no –“break up” – –LOL –

        Sooo good 2 C U angee. :>)-

    • nellcote

      I hope she doesn’t turn into Nancy Grace!

      • GreenLadyHere

        nellcote – – –***fiat bump*** — -I KNOW –HUH! – —

        But she may B limited –somewhat –’cause she is not an attorney. –IMHO. – – -We’ll C. . . :>)- –

  • Tafr

    LMBAO at UFO Dennis working for Fox News. I tell you this week in politics has been all about the WTF! Those unicorn liberals are trying their best to spin the betrayal of their hero. They have the nerve to say Dennis needs to make a living really? Talking about Dennis is going to educate republicans lol. Folks that watch Fox News do not want to be educated and even if they did Dennis K is the last person they want to here from. I wonder how many of them are going to watch Fox just to hear Dennis spew his bullshit?Yup the unicorn left have come full circle all the way to Fox news.

    • Alma98

      I saw that b.s they were trying to laugh it off saying he can handle Fox. Dennis was always a grifter they just can’t accept it lol.

      • Tafr

        LOL the only thing Dennis is gonna handle is that paycheck. These are the same people that bitched about the way PBO and winning dems financed their campaign. Naw do not talk to me about principle and ethics when your hero is making money off Fox News.

        • conlakappa

          Remember how the used to spit nails whenever the President would make the occasional appearance, saying that he gave legitimacy to it? What does a contract bring?

          • Tafr

            Thank you conlakappa! They think we have no idea of their hypocrisy. Look if their hero Manning is expected to live his good years in prison then how can they justify Dennis K supplementing his lifestyle with a paycheck from Fox News? Now we all know Dennis K is not broke this mofo is simply maintaining a certain quality of life called rich. Yes those of us that pay attention notice the double standards of the unicorn left.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – -Soooo – —as I was listenin’ 2 the fact that video game makers, distributors were also participatin’ in the VP Biden Commission — -I decided 2 find out what “OUR” participation was in this industry. – – -Annnd FOUND: – —

    – -☻ –Jerry Lawson – First Black Video Game Professional – –

    – – – –At a time when the computer and video game industry was primarily filled with Caucasian males, Jerry Lawson was an innovator. He created [ONE] – of the first cartridge based video game console (the Fairchild Channel F), designed of one of the first coin-op arcade games (Demolition Derby), was the head of Videosoft, an early independent developer for the Atari 2600, and the first African American in the video game industry to achieve such accomplishments.

    – – -Name: Jerry Lawson
    Birth: 1940
    Mark In Gaming History: First Black Video Game Engineer and Designer, Spearheaded the Fairchild Channel F video game console, designed and produced the Demolition Derby arcade game, head of Videosoft game developer. —-

    – — – –Destruction Derby Playstation Gameplay – -[Similar 2 this]

    – ☻–Annnnd THIS: – –African-American Video Game Creators and Social Media: Joseph Saulter
    [September 23, 2010 by anjuan ]
    – – —

    — —- –Black Web 2.0 interviewed Joseph Saulter, the founder and CEO of EARI, a company that makes video games for communities that are often overlooked by mainstream gaming companies. He shared interesting insights into how he uses social media as a minority in the multi-billion dollar video game industry.
    What social media tools do you use?
    – — MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN to name a few Digg, Netscape and StumbleUpon, BlackPlanet.com, Source Magazine is developing a great online presence
    How do you use social media in your daily activities as someone who
    works in the video game industry?

    THERE R MORE. – — -REFERENCES. :>) – — – – – -WE THERE! :>) – –

  • angee

    Seems like President Obama is positioning VP Biden nicely to make a run for POTUS 2016!
    Good Job POTUS Good Job!

    • itgurl_29

      Like I said on twitter, the Clintonistas are in for a rude awakening. My brother, who does not really follow politics, just mentioned the other day after watching some Hillary propaganda on the news, said he was really tired of her and wanted Joe Biden to be President. If my brother, who is not a political junkie at all, is saying this, then she ain’t winning shit. Mark my words.

      They have learned not a thing from ’08. I was always an Obama supporter, but I remember so many of my friends and family who were most definitely Hillary supporters, get turned off by her entitled attitude toward the Presidency. And her team is starting it again with all this “she’s inevitable” talk. All this talk about it being her “turn”. First off, that’s some bullish. Because if they want to play that mess about whose “turn” it is, then it surely isn’t hers, it’s Joe Biden’s. And if they wanna talk about experience, he’s got her beat tenfold.

      And if they wanna get on Joe about his age, I wish they would try it. Because he may be a few years older than her, but last I heard, Hillary was the one in and out of the hospital suffering from blood clots and whatnot.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -HEEEEERE THEY -go –AGAIN!! – — geesh!! – — – –

    – – –Pennsylvania House Republicans Introduce Bill To Rig The 2016 Presidential Election– —

    – — –Earlier this week, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus endorsed a Republican plan to rig the next presidential election to make it nearly impossible for the Democratic candidate to win the White House, no matter who the American people vote for. The election-rigging plan, which would allocate electoral votes by congressional district rather than by states as a whole in a handful of states that consistently vote for Democratic presidential candidates, would have allowed Mitt Romney to narrowly win the Electoral College last November despite losing the popular vote by nearly four points.

    On Monday, seven Pennsylvania Republican state representatives introduced a bill to make this vote-rigging scheme a reality in their state. Under their bill, the winner of Pennsylvania as a whole will receive only 2 of the state’s 20 electoral votes, while “[e]ach of the remaining presidential electors shall be elected in the presidential elector’s congressional district.”
    — — – SNIP – —
    – — —One mitigating factor is that only 7 of the Pennsylvania House’s 109 Republicans are original sponsors of the election-rigging bill, so it is unclear that this is a major priority for the GOP state house caucus. Nevertheless, both Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) and state Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-PA) support the plan, so there is a real risk that Pennsylvania Republicans will try to write the voters out of the next presidential election.

    THERE IS MORE. – – –
    – – – – — – – – – —-WATCHIN’ – – — -Annnnd —FIGHTIN’ – —

    • nellcote

      ALEC continues it’s work. This shit is really worrying. I thought they’d stop with just gerrymandering the shit out of everything in a census year.

      • jziglar

        One positive is that a lot of republicans didn’t back the plan before because they were afraid it would backfire, and though a number of them are supporting it I don’t see them having enough support to do it. The governors in Penn., Wisconsin, and Michigan are very vulnerable and not very popular and the last thing they want is another big fight and an even more energized democratic base going after them when they will deal with tough re-elections. Corbett is going to try to lay low because he is so unpopular right now that he is around Santorum levels from 2005-2006.

  • conlakappa

    I got notice that Ascotty Martn is the host of a party that kicks off inaugural weekend. No, not an officially sponsored ball or anything. Every two-bit, 3-block hustler is getting his hustle on.

    • nellcote

      I wonder if he’ll be selling very special inagural ascots.

  • Camille

    The firearms industry/lobby, the NRA and its sick, vile, twisted hustle:

    Create a massive gun violence problem with a massive push for gun sales and lax laws-

    Then “generously” propose to solve said problem by selling even more guns to various establishments and government to be used by “armed guards” to protect citizens from the other sector the NRA caters to – the gun nuts and those who love and support them—

    The NRA and the firearms industry then end up creating a completely new and expanded market for their evil product and amass even more gobs of money, power and control for themselves – while completely degrading our society.

    Either way, the firearms industry and the NRA keep winning and making money – that’s what it’s all about for them.

    There’s got to be a better way.

    One that does not benefit the industry and lobby that has caused us this terrible problem to begin with.

  • isonprize

    This one’s for Michelle Obama, our fabulous FLOTUS!

    Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    • Camille

      Happy birthday to our gorgeous, spectacular, fantastic all around amazing First Lady-

      Epitome of all that’s best in a wife, mother and daughter – and the embodiment of womanhood in its truest form.

      Rock on great wife, mother and First Lady, rock on!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –Wha’? – -waitaminute – – – –

    – – –New CBC Leader: We’re Not Just for Blacks – –

    – – —Rep. Marcia Fudge on how the group will look out for Americans of all colors over the next four years.
    Rep. Marcia Fudge of Ohio took the chairperson’s gavel from Rep. Emanuel Cleaver at a recent ceremonial swearing-in for members of the Congressional Black Caucus. With it, she inherited the responsibility to lead the group of African-American elected officials that has long considered itself the “conscience of the Congress” on issues that transcend race.

    – -That’s right — the black legislators, many of whom represent diverse districts, are more concerned with the well-being of children, the disabled and anyone who is struggling economically than the public understands. “People mistakenly believe we only represent minorities,” Fudge told The Root.
    THERE IS MORE. – – –

    – —Appreciate THEIR- – – -NEW BROAD AGENDA – – -BUT – – – –

    – -“WHYCOME” when MR. PRESIDENT – –indicates the SAME agenda – -ALL DA PEOPLE – – -THEY IMMEDIATELY – –WHIP OUT THEIR – —

    “WHA_CHU GON DO 4 BLAH FOLKS AGENDA!!!”??? – – -HUH!?? – — –

    – –Sooo from NOW ON – –U’ALL can — STR8! – – –MISS ME – — on your –

    virtually – – -NON-EXISTENT AGENDA!!! – —-

    Annnd – -BTW – –MR. PRESIDENT is CALLIN’ 4 CONGRESSIONAL HELP on his – –GUN CONTROL –proposals. — — -U! GOT! –WORK 2 DO. :>) – –

    – -OH! – -BTW: – -GOOD LUCK!! :>) – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    – -miranda – –I’m STILL amazed at OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT. – — :>)

    – – -☻ –Promotes VP Biden. U introduce this EVENT. :>)


    – – -☻ -COMFORTS the FAMILIES. :>)


    – – – ☻ – CHALLENGES da CONGRESS!- – –

    — -☻ – -Thanks them – —

    – — – —DROPS da MIC!!! – — -SITS DOWN 2 SIGN —

    23 EXECUTIVE ORDERS!! – – HAH! – —

    – – – – –It Was a Good Day – – -:>) – –

  • Camille

    Looks like Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) had some serious dental work done. Gone are the toddler teeth. He now sports some serious adult teeth.
    Good going Matt, now stop with the self-serving anti-President Obama crap.

  • Aquagranny911

    Our beloved Green Lady has not yet sung us to sleep & I am glad because sleep will not come easy for me this night. My oldest grandchild was in car accident. He won’t even be 15 for another month but now I have to worry about teenagers driving. He was a passenger but another teen was driving. He has a broken ankle, bruised ribs & a “mild” concussion but the trauma triggered his asthma real bad so they are keeping him over night.

    Madre de Dios! I went through this with my own children, not sure I can do it all over again!

    • Camille

      May God be with him AG!! He’ll be fine, don’t worry. Take care of yourself too – no worrying and stressing; they need you as matriarch of the family, healthy – and stress and worry does so much harm.

      He’ll be fine. Thank God, because it certainly could have been so much worse. Take care ok and lots of prayers, hugs and kisses sent your way.

    • MsKitty

      So sorry to hear that AG. Send healing thoughts and prayers his way.

    • Oh no! I hope your grandson gets better soon! Sending prayers to you and your family.

    • shilohsmama

      Prayers sent. God bless.

    • Daltex82

      I’m sending well wishes and ((((hugs))))) in your direction AG.

  • GreenLadyHere