November 21, 2017

Wednesday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

(I just had to share)

The GOP Clown Show Continues It’s Tour Across The US News: Growing weary of the battle for the GOP presidential nomination? Tough luck. Rick Santorum’s relatively strong night on Super Tuesday – as of this story, he won three states and came within a percentage point of a win in the closely-watched contest in Ohio – means that Mitt Romney has missed a huge chance to start wrapping up the GOP presidential nomination and focusing on President Obama. Read more here.


Top Ramen Dinners Don’t Stop After You Leave College News: Student loan debt is pushing an increasing number of young people and their parents toward bankruptcy, according to a survey released Tuesday. More than four-fifths of bankruptcy attorneys say they’ve seen a notable jump in the number of potential clients with student loan debt, with nearly half the lawyers reporting a significant increase in such cases, according to the report by the National Assn. of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Read more here.


Poor Little Tink Tink News: After 14 years, 11 playoff appearances, 11 Pro Bowls, eight division titles, five first-team all-pro selections, a record four league MVP awards, two Super Bowl trips and one championship, the franchise officially said goodbye Wednesday to the man it drafted with the No. 1 overall pick in 1998. “I sure have loved playing football for the Indianapolis Colts,” said Manning during an often emotional press conference. “I’ve been a Colt for almost all of my adult life. But I guess in life and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever.” Read more here.


That’s Right Put In Work, Move Your Ass Go Beserk. Eat That Salad- No Dessert. Get That Man You Deserve News: Exercise doesn’t only change your body’s appearance, it can change your core – right down to your DNA. A new study in the March issue of Cell Metabolism shows that that when people exercise for something as little as a 20 minute workout, it can alter their DNA almost immediately. Read more here.


You Can’t Fix Stupid News: Joe the Plumber has won again. You remember Joe. The Ohio man hurtled toward fame with that fateful 2008 encounter when, bald head shining and T-shirt slightly rumpled, he questioned Obama on small business taxes. Like Mitt Romney, “Joe” — Samuel Wurzelbacher — didn’t set off any landslides Tuesday. Read more here.


Happy Humpday POU family! Check out the links and come back to discuss. Here’s you Whining Wednesday track….

  • LOL @ “Poor Little Tink Tink”!

    Wow. I can’t believe the Colts are letting Peyton go.

    • vulcan_girl

      I had all kinds of conspiracy theories about this season, especially since they just had twins.

      – They decided they wouldn’t have kids until Peyton was ready to quit.
      – The neck problems gave him time to wind it down.
      – They threw the whole season to get the # 1 pick and Caldwell didn’t like it. Caldwell knew, but said he was out.
      – Caldwell didn’t know.
      – Manning’s neck is way worse than we know, so he’s leaving the game.

      I think I hang around my uncle too much.

      • Miranda

        He should retire…please Peyton, don’t get completely paralyzed going to play for some team that WON’T have an all-pro O-line! He’s gonna get massacred.

  • GreenLadyHere

    GOOD AFTANOON carolinagirl- – — **BIG HUG*** :>)

    Here’s – — –

    – – – –MY SONG 4 the RE-THUG candidates:– – – — -THAT! IS! ALL!- – – -Saaaaaang- – -Auntie “ReRe” :>)- –

    Have a good afternoon. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl- – – — “FLUSH teh RUSH:- -UPDATE: – —46 annnnd RISING.– -LOL.

  • Miranda

    CG, I just had to add that cartoon pic…oh that is classic.

    • Alma98

      BWAHAHAHA! It’s hilarious.

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl- — –GOOD ECONOMIC NEWS:_ – – —

    – – – – –U.S. stocks rebound on jobs data, Fed report– – –

    – – – – –U.S. stocks recovered some of the prior day’s losses Wednesday, helped by an upbeat report on jobs growth, a report the Federal Reserve could implement new bond buys if the economy flags and signs of progress on Greece’s debt swap.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA +0.61% ended up 78.18 points, or 0.6%, to 12,837.33 — a day after falling more than 200 points for its worst single-session drop of the year. Bank of America Corp. BAC -0.25% shares, up 4%, led gains for 23 of 30 components.

    Stocks added to gains after a report the Federal Reserve, if it were to take new steps to boost the economy in the months ahead, would consider a type of bond-buying program designed to subdue worries about inflation.

    – – – – -***head NOD 2 – – -MR. PRESIDENT!!**** :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda/carolinagirl- — — ***PARAMEDICS- – -OVA HERE!!- — -1 POU FAM- – –Down from LAFFIN’ LOL*****

    THANK U. LOL.- –

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl- – – — – –“THRUSH”- – – – -An INCREDIBLE- – -ARROGANT– – – BLOVIATING- — – RACIST- — -SEXIST- – – — PHOOL!!– – —

    – – – –Female Journalist Attacked By Limbaugh Yesterday Responds: He ‘Just Doesn’t Think Women Count’– – –

    – – – – – Having offered a quasi-apology for his sexist smears against Sandra Fluke, hate radio host Rush Limbaugh has moved on to another female target: investigative journalist Tracie McMillan, who wrote a book on the American food system called The American Way of Eating. Ripping into McMillan yesterday on his radio show, Limbaugh mused, “What is it with all of these young, single, white women, overeducated — doesn’t mean intelligent.”

    — McMillan is now pushing back against Rush’s continuing campaign of hate against prominent female progressive advocates. In an interview with the Atlantic Wire published today, McMillan said she thought Limbaugh was attacking her solely for her being a woman:

    “It’s been really interesting to have somebody be that openly dismissive of my work strictly based on the fact that I’m female,” McMillan told The Atlantic Wire. “There’s no other way to think about it except that Rush Limbaugh just doesn’t think women count.” McMillan went on to explain how her book approaches some difficult issues about the food that feeds America and the conditions for the workers that produce it, however Limbaugh didn’t seem willing to engage in that debate. Instead, he focused on her being a woman.

    – – — –CLEAR CHANNEL- – – -DO YOUR JOB!!!- – — Despite your – – -CONNECTION with ahem- –BAIN- – – – ***cough teh WILLARD!!!***–geesh!!!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl- – –BU- — – bu- – –BUT- —-He can sang- –“Davy Crockett”- – -LOL- – –

    – – —ANALYSIS: In Almost Every Primary, Romney Wins Big Among The Rich, Loses The Working-Class Vote– —

    – – – — In February, a CNN poll found that regardless of age, race, sex, or party affiliation, all Americans agreed that Mitt Romney “favors the rich” over the middle class or poor, ThinkProgress noted. And it looks like the rich are returning the favor.

    The Washington Post reported this morning that in both Michigan and Ohio, “voters making more than $100,000 per year turn[ed] out in much higher numbers this year than they did in 2008″:

    In 2008, 22 percent of GOP primary voters in Michigan made at least $100,000, and that group made up 21 percent of the electorate in Ohio, according to exit polls. This year, 33 percent of voters in Michigan made that much money, while 30 percent of Ohio voters did. In both cases, the number of wealthy voters grew by about 50 percent — a pretty stunning increase in that demographic over just a four-year span.

    In both states, Romney won among those making more than $100,000 by 14 points, even though he lost among all other income demographics.

    This trend occurs in virtually every state that has voted thus far. A ThinkProgress analysis of exit/entrance polls from the 14 states that have conducted them shows that Romney consistently does best among those earning more than $100,000 or $200,000 a year, while more often than not losing among middle- and working-class voters.

    The only states where this wasn’t true were Massachusetts, his home state where he served as governor, and Virginia, where Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich weren’t even on the ballot.

    See the full breakdown of the 12 state exit polls HERE.

    — – –For instance, in Ohio, where Romney barely eeked out a win last night, Romney dominated among the wealthy, capturing 46 percent of those making more than $100,000 and a whopping 55 percent of those making more than $200,000. He lost among middle-class voters, by 11 points among those making $50,000-$100,000 and 6 points for people earning $30,000-$50,000.

    Meanwhile, in Georgia, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and South Carolina, Romney lost overall, but won in the top income bracket, in some cases by over 20 percent.

    —– – – —WILLARD- — YER – – -CLASSISM- – -IS- – –STR8 – SHOWIN’!!- – HAH!

    Annnnd- — -it AIN’T PRETTY- – – -orrrr- – – -ELECTABLE!!- – – – –

    – – -SANG YER SONG:- – – -“I’M A LOSER”!! LOL- –

    – – — – –4 MORE! YEARS!!!– – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl- – — DOMESTIC TERRORISTS_ –the NRA!!- – – –

    — —Gun Sales Rise In Texas As NRA Spouts Anti-Obama Fantasies– –

    – – – –Since taking office, President Obama has actually expanded gun owners’ rights — the most significant guns legislation he signed was a law allowing people to carry guns in national parks. Nevertheless, the chance that he could win a second term reportedly is pushing gun owners to stockpile guns. “People are terrified he’s going to get re-elected and then he won’t care about getting votes next time. He’ll just pass whatever legislation he wants,” DeWayne Irwin, owner of the Cheaper Than Dirt gun store in north Fort Worth, told Star-Telegram. Irwin’s store set a sales record in February.— –

    In 2011, the FBI received more than 16.3 million inquires from people running background checks on potential gun purchasers. That’s up from 11.4 million in 2007. Over four years, more than 1 million of those requests have come from Texas, the second most in the nation behind Kentucky. And while the number of gun owners grows, gun sellers are seeing fear of an administration crackdown:

    “I’m constantly getting questions from people in the gun community about this [issue],” said Alan Korwin, author of nine gun law books, including Gun Laws of America, and operator of “People are concerned that if Obama wins, as a lame duck, he will go after firearms in a way we have never seen before.

    – – – –UN-FLIPPIN’- -BELIEVABLE!!!- – – -RACISTS!!– –

    • edp4bho

      So this is why my train mate caught her a couple of long guns over the weekend, huh? Never connected it to fright. We live in a very dangerous world.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY edp4bho. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – – -LOL. – – – -YEAH – -they –SCURRED!! THEY have been –ever since MR. PRESIDENT ENTERED the WHITE HOUSE.

        That’s the ONLY time that the word – –WHITE SCURRS soma dem!! – -LOL.

        Good 2 C U. :>)

    • Town

      “People are terrified he’s going to get re-elected and then he won’t care about getting votes next time. He’ll just pass whatever legislation he wants,” DeWayne Irwin, owner of the Cheaper Than Dirt gun store in north Fort Worth, told Star-Telegram. Irwin’s store set a sales record in February.– –

      So you’re getting a gun because???

      • GreenLadyHere

        THANK U – – -Town!! – –So you’re getting a gun because???

        -JUST – – -NO LOGIC!! – – – -JUST –

        –THEIR – –IRRATIONAL – -DELUSION!! – — –

        – – -THEY MAKE UP —THEIR OWN – – -REALITY!! – – -geesh!!

  • Oh my gentle Jesus! That picture! *passes out*

  • nellcote

    On Rev Al show, white Alabama rep. quoting Artur Davis to defend voter suppression laws. Assholes, the both of them. Just what I expected to happen.

    • I don’t know why white people insist upon quoting some Black person to make it seem like their agenda ain’t racist. Like we won’t cuss out them and the house negro that’s helping them.

      • Miranda

        Thank you!!! Black folks in Alabama can’t stand damn Artur Davis…sellout mickyfick.

        • rikyrah


          he’s a Black man who lost his OWN DAMN POLLING PLACE in his race for Governor.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Sepia- – — -BWAHAHA — – – – –

        – – -YA MEAN – — THIS – – -ARTHUR – – -“OBVIOUSLY SELF-LOATHING” – – DAVIS??? – – –Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, who now supports voter ID laws as a method of preventing voter fraud but refuses to discuss any particular instances he says he witnessed, is again declining to provide any examples of voter fraud he witnessed, claiming doing so would turn the debate over voter ID laws into a ‘he-said-he-said’ controversy.

        – – -LOL – – –the house negro that’s helping them – – – –

        U.! AIN’T! – – -NEVA! – –LIED!! LOL. – –


  • PBS to Breitbart dot com: “There’s nothing to see here”

    The Story Behind the Obama Law School Speech Video
    March 7, 2012, 7:09 pm ET by Andrew Golis

    The web is abuzz today about video of a speech Barack Obama gave in 1990 (some reports have incorrectly identified the speech as occurring in 1991) at Harvard Law School defending the actions of Professor Derrick Bell. Bell, the law school’s first tenured black professor, had protested Harvard’s failure to offer tenure to women of color as law school professors. Online publisher Andrew Brietbart, who died last week, had said he possessed the speech and hinted that he would release it, arguing that it provided evidence that Obama has long held radical political beliefs.

    Today, the website BuzzFeed published a clip of the speech along with an article explaining some past and current context for Obama’s remarks. The website claimed the clip was “not previously available online.” The editors at responded that the video on Buzzfeed had been “selectively edited” and said that they would release the full footage tonight on Fox News.

    But there’s nothing new about the clip or Obama’s role in the controversy at Harvard Law School. In 2008, as a part of our quadrennial election special The Choice 2008, FRONTLINE ran the same footage of the speech as a part of an exploration of Obama’s time at Harvard Law School, where he graduated in 1991. It’s been online at our site and on YouTube since then. You can see that part of the film below.

    FRONTLINE producers obtained the footage from the same source as BuzzFeed did this week: the archives of WGBH, Boston’s PBS station. The footage was shot in 1990 by a team of local news producers for the WGBH Ten O’Clock News. FRONTLINE is produced at WGBH and our producers were alerted to the footage in the station archives in 2008.

    In light of today’s controversy, and editors’ claims that the footage had been edited, we pulled the full archived tape. In includes not just Obama’s speech, but other footage from the rally and portions of Derrick Bell’s speech. You can watch it in full below.

    While BuzzFeed did not publish all of the available footage of the event — a manager here noted that they were paying for each second of footage — they did post the entirety of what was available of Obama’s speech. While other cameras could have shot additional material from the event, no other footage of the event exists at WGBH.

    And while there does appear to be editing in the footage available, that was almost certainly done in 1990. The Ten O’Clock News practice was to store completed segments as aired along with any relevant additional footage that might be useful in the future.

    • crazycanuck

      this is so stupid

    • nellcote

      from the twitter:


      BREAKING: President Obama tricks Fox News into promoting PBS.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – – –****APPLAUSE*** – — -Woo! Hoo! –

      —He was BEYOND FIERCE — -THEN!! – -:>) — –


      Annnd – — -THIS – ->It’s been online at our site and on YouTube since then. You can see that part of the film below. – – – NO NEWS HERE!! – – HAH!! LOL.


  • rikyrah

    that cartoon is wicked.



  • Thanks for playing into the GOP’s hands, Goolsbee:

    Austan Goolsbee ‏ @Austan_Goolsbee
    palin is right to point out that bill maher has said some pretty disgusting things about women, comedian or not. they are rush like.

    • Bri

      He should be ashamed of himself! You’re right about him playing along with the GOP. “Obama’s former staff member agrees that liberals have been just as sexist as Rush Limbaugh.”<<This line will be said, and written soon by the media.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Considering I don’t like Bill Maher, I don’t have a problem with what Austan Goolsbee said.

      Anyway, after three years of the right calling President Obama everything but a child of God, I can’t get on the “you’re giving them ammunition” bandwagon.

    • Miranda

      Bill Maher doesn’t have the ability to make Dem politicans grovel before him and beg for his blessing. No comedian/entertainer/journalist/talk show host can get the Democratic leadership to hand them over that type of power…NONE. There is no comparison on the left for the Rush-Fox News influence on the GOP.

      • crazycanuck

        Bill Maher doesn’t have the ability to make Dem politicans grovel before him and beg for his blessing.

        That what he want’s to achieve by giving that million dollars

        • Admiral_Komack

          If he tries that shit with President Obama, I hope the President puts a foot in his ass.

      • EXACTLY! Plus, Maher has never attacked a private citizen.

      • nellcote

        Bill Maher was FIRED from broadcast network for remarks. Now he’s on cable but Rush is still on BROADCAST radio.

        Where’s the FCC? A brief flash of Janet’s boob was more offensive than a 3 day Rush rant?

        • Admiral_Komack

          Well…I’d rather see Janet’s boob than Rush…just saying…

    • Tafr

      GTFOOH, Palin painted cross hairs on people of congress that she thought should be taken out. Next thing we know people are getting shot up at a Safeway.Let us not forget a nine year old child died that day, among many others. This simple witch has no right lecturing people on free speech.

  • Bri

    Woah, I have been on here in about a week. I like the new digs(layout).

  • lamh35

    OMG! Why was this a hit??? We were really bad back then. I wonder what happened to these kids?

    Another Bad Creation – Iesha

  • rikyrah

    Virginia calling: An open letter to Bob McDonnell
    By Laura Conaway

    Wed Mar 7, 2012 4:39 PM EST

    The kerfuffle in Virginia.

    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed the forced ultrasound bill today, saying that it ensured no one would have to undergo an “internal” ultrasound, by which he means the vaginal probe kind. More about that on the show tonight.

    For now, an open letter sent to us a couple days ago by Virginia lawyer Tara Louise Casey. She headlines it “What the Kerfuffle is Really About: An Open Letter to Governor McDonnell.”

    As a Virginia citizen, and especially as a woman and a mother of a daughter, I have voiced my opposition to the mandatory ultrasound bill. Although I participated in the public protests to this legislation, I also sought to engage legislators and other constituents in discussions tempered with mutual respect and moderate voice. When the Virginia Senate passed this bill, I expressed my profound disappointment in what I viewed as the misguided failure of our legislative process. Nevertheless, I strove to maintain an open dialogue, free of platitudes and presumptions.

    This evening, I learned that my Governor does not hold to the same rules in this debate.

    Last Friday, Governor McDonnell sat down with National Review Online’s Jim Geraghty to discuss “the kerfuffle over the ultrasound bill.” I recommend this piece to every Virginian to read as the Governor has used this platform to express his perspective.

    Below are his words from the interview and my responses:

    “If you just read the papers, you have no idea what’s going on in the legislature because the reporting has been so poor this session.”

    Governor, I have been there as a steadfast advocate and witness. The reason people are outraged and protesting is that they have been paying attention, very close attention. Sustained engagement in and educational outreach on the legislative process leading up this bill’s passage has been a civics lesson for many. Please, do not blame the media for this kerfuffle.

    “I don’t think the objective of an abortion clinic is to try to talk women out of having the procedure. That obviously would not be positive for their bottom line.”

    Governor, I encourage you to talk to a physician who has performed an abortion, because, based upon your comment, it would seem that you have not. If you had, you would soon realize that “the bottom line” is not what motivates these physicians in practice. To suggest otherwise would be an insult to their ethics and a gross mischaracterization. Please, do not blame the physicians for this kerfuffle.

    “Despite the rhetoric of opponents, this was about empowering women with more medical and legal information that previously they were not required to get in order to give informed consent.”

    Governor, Merriam-Webster has three definitions for “empower” — “to give official authority or legal power to; [to] enable; to promote the self-actualization or influence of.” It defies basic comprehension of this word to deduce that a mandate represents empowerment. In fact, this legislation thwarts any attempt at empowerment as it will interfere with a woman’s autonomous choice and assumes that her doctor would provide her insufficient information to make that choice. The last time Virginia ever passed a mandated medical procedure was the forced sterilization of the mentally ill, a scenario in which there is no presence of empowerment. Please, do not blame a misunderstanding of the word “empower” for this kerfuffle.

    “Informed consent is required for every invasive medical procedure, from getting your ears pierced to having an abortion.”

    Governor, even in an illustrative context, an abortion should not be placed on the same plane of medical procedures as an ear piercing. Ears are pierced at kiosks in the mall. Invasive medical procedures are performed by specially trained medical personnel in medical settings. Your relation of an ear piercing to an abortion reveals either your complete insensitivity to this issue, or your complete ignorance. Please do not blame a citizenry’s misunderstanding of this issue for this kerfuffle.

    This is our Governor. This is his perspective.

    Dear Reader, that is exactly what the “kerfuffle” is all about.

  • U.S. to Sell $6 Billion in AIG Stock
    Published: March 7, 2012 at 7:48 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Treasury Department plans to sell $6 billion of American International Group stock and struck another deal for the insurer to pay down $8.5 billion more in obligations, taking a major step forward in an election year to unwind the unpopular crisis-era bailout.

    AIG said the agreement with the government would allow it to pay down what it owed in a special purpose vehicle, AIA Aurora, and free up some of the company’s collateral, including interests in aircraft lessor International Lease Finance Corp and Asian insurer AIA Group.

    The special purpose vehicle was set up in December 2009 in exchange for a reduction in the debt that AIG owed the New York Federal Reserve.

    Wednesday’s announcements come as President Barack Obama, a Democrat, fights to win a second term in office and withstands attacks from Republicans for wasting taxpayer money.

    Under the previous Bush administration and then Obama’s government, Treasury used $182 billion in taxpayer funds to prevent AIG’s stockpile of credit default swap contracts from infecting the global financial system.

    The U.S. government still owns 77 percent of AIG. Once the company repays Treasury for AIA, the value of the government’s stake would total about $41.8 billion, Treasury said in a statement.

    AIG said it intends to repurchase up to $3 billion of its own stock once the Treasury’s offering is priced. The U.S. government hired Citigroup Inc, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley to coordinate the offering.

    AIG last traded at $29.45 a share on Wednesday, slightly above the break-even price of $29 per share.

    Treasury also said AIG is expected to repay the $8.5 billion from the following sources:

    * $5.6 billion in expected proceeds from AIG’s recently announced sale of ordinary sales of AIA;

    * $1.6 billion in expected proceeds from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s final disposition of Maiden Lane II LLC securities announced on February 28, and

    * $1.6 billion in escrowed cash proceeds from AIG’s sale of its American Life Insurance Co subsidiary to MetLife Inc.

  • Miranda

    First on CNN: Levin says Limbaugh should be dropped from Armed Forces
    CNN Senior Congressional Producer Ted Barrett

    (CNN) – Sen. Carl Levin, the powerful chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday he would like the Armed Forces Network to drop the controversial Rush Limbaugh program from its service that provides radio and television shows to U.S. service members around the world.

    “I would hope the people that run it see just how offensive this is and drop it on their own volition,” Levin told CNN in an exclusive interview in the Capitol.

    • Admiral_Komack

      But…but…Bill Maher says you should stoppppp!

  • lamh35

    What’s this KONY/Invisible Children’s thing people are talking about on twitter and FB?

    • Alma98

      It’s a scam.

  • Bri

    I am watching Survivor and one of the white, older, contestants pull the, “Their is a black President” card when discussing race. I am going to be honest, I get really tired of some white people acting like just because they’re black people living in the white house race shouldn’t be talked about, and racism doesn’t exist anymore. Saying it doesn’t is pure denial.

    • Bri

      “There is a black President.”

  • aleth

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    I like this video on his explanation on congress, if u get a chance wait it

    • crazycanuck

      Was this another tape that was locked in a vault lol

  • rikyrah

    Silver Says Cuomo Needs to Reach Deal With New York Unions on Pension Plan
    By Freeman Klopott – Mar 6, 2012 1:51 PM CT

    Governor Andrew Cuomo must work out a deal with unions on his proposal to raise the retirement age and offer a 401(k)-type option for new workers before the Assembly will back it, Speaker Sheldon Silver said.

    About 2,000 state and local workers descended on Albany today to meet with lawmakers and urge them to vote against the pension changes, which the unions said will cut retirement benefits by 40 percent. Cuomo, a Democrat, has said his plan will save local governments and the state $113 billion over the next 30 years. Democrats control the Assembly, while Republicans hold a majority in the Senate.

    The governor has to work out with the unions a reasonable approach to save the money,” Silver, 68, told reporters after speaking to the crowd of public employees gathered in a convention hall near the Capitol. “I’m not a union leader. I don’t know the ins and outs of the current conditions of employment, but I know there can be a deal.”

    Cuomo, 54, said last week he’s willing to meet with union leaders, after he previously said making changes to the pension system is solely the Legislature’s job. Last year, he won furloughs and wage freezes from the state’s two biggest unions by threatening to fire almost 10,000 workers. Those deals, which saved the state $450 million, were made as part of the collective-bargaining process.
    Willing to Consider

    The unions and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, the sole trustee of New York’s $140.3 billion retirement fund, the third largest U.S. public pension, have taken aim at the 401(k) option, saying it will destroy the middle class. Silver said today he’s willing to consider the option.

    “Some young, new employees in government might choose that option,” Silver said. “If I started, when I started, if that was an option, chances are I would have taken that option.”

    Last week, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg led a group of local leaders, who collectively represent 15 million residents, to Albany to push lawmakers to approve Cuomo’s pension proposal. The group said that without changes, including raising the retirement age to 65 from 62 for most new workers, they’ll be forced to fire employees.

    Cuomo has said pension costs will consume 35 percent of local-government budgets by 2015, up from 3 percent in 2001. New York’s retirement fund had 101.5 percent of the money needed to pay its obligations in 2010, better than any other state, according to an annual study by Bloomberg Rankings.

    Cuomo put the pension changes into his budget proposal for the fiscal year that begins April 1. He has said that if lawmakers send him a spending plan without the measure, he’ll force the Legislature to choose between shutting the government or passing his plan by using a so-called budget extender. The process is used to keep the government operating when there’s no agreement on the budget. The governor has the power to put any item in an extender.

    • nellcote

      Still the great PLiberal hope?

      • Admiral_Komack

        You know he is…until he says something the Professional Left does not want to hear…then they will turn on him with the quickness.

        -YES, I’ve changed my avatar.

  • lamh35

    That darn Obama! He’s indoctrinating our children again!

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – — – WOO! HOO! – -NOW THIS is gon B the – – – –BOMBSHELL V-I-D-E-O!! —-

    – – – –Obama Campaign to Release Film about First Term

    – – – – –President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign plans to release a 17-minute documentary next week about his first term in office, reports the AP.

    Campaign manager Jim Messina says the film was directed by Davis Guggenheim, whose credits include the Oscar-winning, “An Inconvenient Truth,” about Al Gore’s global-warming campaign.

    Messina says the documentary will “put into perspective the enormous challenges that the nation faced when the president took office and the strides we’ve made together.”

    In 1992, TV producers Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason helped create “The Man From Hope,” a campaign biography of Bill Clinton.

    — – – – -ABSOLUTELY CAIN’T WAIT!! — – -:>) – – – –

    ORDERING: – — –POU FAM PIZZA & appropriate DRANKS!!. O.K. Annnnd POU FAM “popcorn.” – — -Woo! Hoo! – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – – – -LOL – –

    — — –-THIS is what – –teh newton LEROY is – –SANGIN’ – – – –

    – – – –Gingrich: I’m Not Dropping Out
    He aims to sweep the South
    – – – –

    – – – – –Newt Gingrich says he’s not dropping out, despite increasingly loud calls from Rick Santorum supporters for him to do so. “If I thought [Santorum] was a slam dunk to beat Romney and to beat Obama, I would really consider getting out,” Gingrich said in a radio interview today. “I don’t.” He pointed out that as of Nevada, some were calling for Santorum to drop out. “He ignored all those. He now has had a terrific month. “

    – -Gingrich is now focused on Alabama and Mississippi, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, in his mission to sweep the South. “Spartanburg [SC] all the way to Texas,. . .

    – — -HE IS – – —BEYOND DELUSIONAL!!! LOL – – – –

  • JojoRaze

    Politifact puts up the entire transcript and video of Sandra Fluke’s testimony. I read the transcript and I am convinced more than ever that Rush is truly a moran of the highest order. No one who read Fluke’s testimony could have called her a slut. She was talking about the women she encountered at Georgetown who suffered severe medical problems–like polycystic ovarian syndrome–due to lack of contraceptive coverage.

    h/t: A Pandagon commenter.

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – – – —FIRST: THE INTRODUCTION: – – – -THIS BROTHA – — BEYOND REAL!! :>) – – -BLESS HIM!! :>) – – – –

    – – – -THEN – – –MR. PRESIDENT — “ELECTRIFIES” – ‘EM :>) – – – – –

    – – – –Pres. Obama Delivers Remarks on Energy in North Carolina – –

    – – – –President Obama traveled to a Daimler Trucks North America plant in Mt. Holly, North Carolina, to deliver remarks on his “all of the above” energy plan.

    The President told workers at the plant that rising gas prices are due to growing global demand, led by development in India and China. “We’re not going to be able to just drill our way out of the problem of high gas prices,” he said. “Anybody who tells you otherwise either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or they aren’t telling you the truth.”

    – –Additional funding for research into electric and energy-efficient vehicles will help grow the U.S. manufacturing industry, said President Obama. He cited clean natural gas vehicles built at the plant as an example of this policy. An “all-of-the-above” approach is needed, he said, to bring down energy costs and grow the economy.

    Daimler Trucks is the nation’s largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer and exports U.S.-built trucks to 35 countries.

    He’s – – – -soooo – – – –DATA(FACT)-SPEAKIN’ – —NICE JOB!! – – – – –

    – – – -MR. PRESIDENT!! :>) – – -BLESS U. :>)

    • nellcote

      Made me laugh when he said “can I get an Amen?”

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL. nellcote – – – -I KNOW –RIGHT!! LOL. Annnnd I SAID IT! :>)

        – -SHOOT! – -I was prepared 2 – – –2 DO – —–THIS!. –LOL.

        GOOD 2 C U :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – – – -MR. PRESIDENT – -2 – -WILLARD: – – -PUT UP [a plan] –orrrr — SHUT –DA FLIP UP!! – — geesh!! :>)

    – – – –Obama to Romney: Make Your Case For War With Iran Or Quit Talking About It – –

    – – – — Mitt Romney’s pathetic efforts to stain the President’s track record when it comes to foreign policy ring hollow and are actually dangerous, or could be. During his news conference yesterday, President Obama addressed Mitt Romney’s irresponsible comments about war with Iran in recent days. Here’s a sample:

    “Yet, the current administration has promoted a policy of engagement with Iran,” he continued. “The president not only dawdled in opposing sanctions, he’s opposed them. Hope is not a foreign policy. The only thing respected by thugs and tyrants is our resolve, backed by our power and our readiness to use it.”

    Earlier this week in Snellville, Georgia, Romney told an 11-year-old boy that the world would be one step closer to nuclear war if President Barack Obama was allowed another term in office.

    “If Barack Obama gets re-elected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change if that’s the case,” he said.

    This follows on the heels of his irresponsible statements at the last debate about how he, and he alone, would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

    President Obama had some choice words for him and any other Republican candidate who thinks war with Iran is a good idea.

    OBAMA: At this stage, it is my belief that we have a window of opportunity where this can still be resolved diplomatically. That’s not just my view — that’s the view of our top intelligence officials, it’s the view of top Israeli intelligence officials. And as a consequence, we are going to continue to apply the pressure, even as we provide a door for the Iranian regime to walk through, where they could rejoin the community of nations, by giving assurances to the international community that they are meeting their obligations and they are not pursuing a nuclear weapon. That’s my track record.

    – – — GUESS the WILLARD – – – – GOT – – TOLD!! – –HAH!! —

    – – – –WARMONGER!!! – – – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl — 1 MO’ – – — -LOL – –Mr. Barney is goin’ OUT with a FLARE – –

    – —–Barney Frank Gets Benched After House Floor Spat With GOP (VIDEO) – —

    – — – —It’s not unusual for Barney Frank to take Republicans to the mattresses on the House floor. But he usually doesn’t get benched for doing so.

    The back story’s pretty straightforward.

    House GOP Leaders are pushing a modest, but bipartisan bill called the JOBS Act, which includes a handful of measures with broad support in both parties. One measure in that bill would quadruple the number of shareholders that can invest in local banks. Republicans credit Rep. Ben Quayle (R-AZ) for drafting this portion of the legislation, but the real legwork on the issue was done in the Financial Services Committee — of which Frank is the ranking member — by Reps. David Schweikert (R-AZ) and Jim Himes (D-CT).

    – -On Wednesday, Frank called out the House GOP leadership for purloining that measure, slapping Quayle’s name on it, and handing him the credit.

    – – -SKIP – – —


    – – – GO! – – GET! – -‘EM!! – – – -MR. BARNEY!! LOL – –U – – -DA –MAN!!! LOL.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –G’NIGHT – -POU FAM. :>) WISHING U – -BLESSED SWEET DREAMS! ♥ – ♥ -:>) – – —

    – – – – -CONTINUIN’ 2 PRAY 4 – -MR. PRESIDENT! – — -the HOUSTON FAMILY- – – – -the ECONOMY /PEOPLE – – – -TORNADO VICTIMS – – EACH OTHER♥ – – – –

    – – – -UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT♥ :>) – – —

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