October 18, 2017

Wednesday Open Thread: African Americans in MotorSports

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s featured auto racers are (and I’m sure there are some POUers that will be extra happy with the features today!) Nicole Lyons and Tia Norfleet.

Nicole Lyons, 29, was exposed to street racing at an early age. Her father, Jack Davis was a well-known street racer, and she shared his passion for all things car-related. So it’s no surprise Lyons went into the dangerous but thrilling sport herself, one of few African-American women to do so.  In 2005, Lyons became the first black woman in professional stock racing. The following year she built an 1,100 horsepower engine, which broke records at the time. Her life-long love of cars and racing has translated into a full-time career, while her image has opened the doors of possibility to younger African-American women.

Here is an interview with MadameNoire.com in which Nicole discusses her career:

Madame Noire: Describe what a pro race car  driver does.

Nicole Lyons: There are several different race car competitions, NASCAR, NHRA, Indy. You have to be licensed in a particular field  of racing. You definitely have to be making money…Danica Patrick, for example,  makes upwards of 20 to 30 million a year…Ways to make money [include] winning  races, getting sponsors, getting paid as a driver. The money [you can make] is  endless when it comes to winnings, sponsorships…

MN: How much do you make?

NL: I probably pocket upwards of $500,000 to one  million a year…

MN: How in the world did you get started?  You’re a rare gem, so who was your role model?

NL: Old school women racers who were white women; my dad was a race car driver himself… My father  passed away a week before my 1st NHRA season opener in 2005. And right off the  bat, I’d beat the #3 person from the year before. I feel like he’s there—we can  literally talk to each other. My mom was in the pic…she didn’t race but she  cheered.

MN: How do you interact with cars in your  pastime?

NL: I own 13 muscle cars,  besides my race cars. [My husband and I] probably own a $2,000,000 collection; I  also own Cole Muscle Cars, a muscle car restoration shop… I believe a driver’s  role should not just be as a driver, but you should be able to do anything  that’s needed on your car as well.

MN: How does the NHRA treat African  American women in the business?

NL: They have some pride there; you’re not hearing  scrutinizing from heads of NHRA—the scrutinizing comments come from  corporations. A big motor vehicle company [that was considering sponsoring me]  said, we’d really love to sponsor you, but we’re concerned that if we part ways,  black people would stop buying our vehicles. [Some also] feel like women are  going to take time to have kids—you’ve  just gotten millions, and you’re  going to say, ‘oh guess what I’m pregnant and you’re going to want a family and not want to do this anymore…

Read more here.

Tia Norfleet

Tia Norfleet (born May 1, 1988 in Suffolk, Virginia) is an African-American drag racing and stock car racing driver. The daughter of NASCAR driver Bobby Norfleet, she is the first African-American woman to receive a NASCAR racing license. As of 2012 Norfleet competes in late model races at short tracks throughout the southeastern United States.

Norfleet’s interest in racing began at the age of 7, when her father, NASCAR driver Bobby Norfleet, doubled the battery power of a Hot Wheels Barbie car to increase its speed. Norfleet’s racing career began at age 14, when she began competing in kart racing events; she went on to a successful career in  drag racing at the local and regional level, where she won 37 of 52 events she competed in.

In 2000 Norfleet switched to stock car racing, competing in Bandolero cars, then moving to late model stock car racing on short tracks starting with the 2004 racing season; she became the first female African-American driver to receive a NASCAR racing license.

Norfleet competes in local events at tracks near her Augusta, Georgia home, starting her Late Model career in 2004. She plans to compete in NASCAR national touring series competition starting in the summer of 2012, and is operating a grassroots funding initiative to finance her racing career.

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • rikyrah

    Fabulous series…thanks for all the information. Had only heard of one person you’ve brought to our attention this week. Black folks are everywhere….LOL

    • Miranda

      So I’m not the only one mad that BET or TV One hasn’t done a mini-series with stellar black cast on the Gold & Glory Sweepstakes, right? I accidentally fell onto the PBS site with all of the history about it! I can’t believe there hasn’t been a movie based on that yet!

  • isonprize

    Black Girls Rock!
    Black Girls Run!
    Black Girls RACE!!!

    And I especially love that Nicole said that a driver should not only drive but also know how to do everything else to the car. It’s really a shame how many women (and men!) don’t have a clue what’s under the hood of a car.

    I love these series and POU for sharing the information. POU rocks

    • Miranda

      They are some bad sistahs! We doin the damn thang!

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    Good Morning everyone. Another nice day here. Hope everyone has a great day, even having to put up with Bibi’s war mongering.

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    Good morning POU. I am digging this weeks series… Hey Ms. Lyons 🙂

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    Good Morning POU

  • rikyrah

    Rise Above, CNBC’s move into advocacy

    Corporate America’s house organ starts an anti-political political campaign

    By Ryan Chittum

    Any time you see Wall Street CEOs and CNBC campaigning for what they call the common good, it’s worth raising an eyebrow or two.

    So it is with CNBC’s “Rise Above” crusade, which has blanketed its airwaves and adorned its lapels since the day after the election with pleas for a solution to the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

    You’ll note that CNBC has not Risen Above for the common good on issues like stimulating a depressed economy, ameliorating the housing catastrophe, or prosecuting its Wall Street sources/dinner partners for the subprime fiasco. But make no mistake: even if it had, it would have been stepping outside the boundaries of traditional American journalism practice into political advocacy. And that’s precisely what it’s doing here, at further cost to its credibility as a mainstream news organization instead of some HD version of Wall Street CCTV.

    The big question: Why is a news organization running what’s effectively a political campaign for Simpson-Bowles, complete with thirty-second spots and campaign buttons? Look, kids. You can get your very own Rise Above pin, wrapped in the flag, just like your favorite business-news personalities! Roger Ailes himself must blush at this kind of grandstanding, but I have a hard time believing the business class and CNBC would be so worked up over this austerity program if it weren’t for the major tax increases contained therein.

    The day after the election, Joe Kernen read off the prompter, with all the enthusiasm of a TASS newscaster, “We are ‘Rising Above’ the partisan rhetoric to find a solution for the fiscal cliff.”


    • MsKitty

      Reason number 381 why I do not take the US media seriously. At all.

    • Town

      Hey, arent they the ones who “started” the Tea Party?

      • rikyrah

        yep….grifting group that it always was.

      • Admiral_Komack

        Holy Santelli, you’re right!

    • conlakappa

      Didn’t Stephen Colbert already do this but made it interesting?

  • Miranda


    Mitt Romney Loses the Election, Goes to Disneyland Anyway
    By Margaret Hartmann

    There was another Mitt Romney sighting at Disneyland today, and several Twitter users have shared the disappointingly mouse-ear-free photos. (@michellekillzz reports, “Just met Mitt Romney. He’s the shit.”) In recent days Romney went to see Twilight and grabbed some pizza, pumped his own gas, and drank from a red Solo cup after going to the gym, so it would appear that he’s on some kind of tour to see how the other 47 percent lives.

    • Town

      No, Mitt Romney is going through attention withdrawal. All his life and especially for the past 11 months, Mitt Romney has been THE MAN, commanding attention everywhere he goes. He’s had Secret Service protection, motorcades, reporters blowing up his ass and drinking his bathwater.

      After 12:55 am on November 7, 2012 all that went away. He got swept off the stage. No more Secret Service. No more motorcades. No more TV shows. No more rallies. The Republicans don’t want to hear from him. You think Paul Ryan has called him since 12:55 11/7/12? Nope. People are able to get close enough to him to snap his picture while he looks rumpled, wrinkled & disheveled pumping his own gas at the gas station.

      This man is used to being Number 1. This man is used to being a star. He had dreams of HAIL TO THE CHIEF being played everywhere he goes. He had dreams of people saluting him and him being able to command world wide attention at the drop of a hat. All that’s gone. No lovely parties for Ann. No living at the White House and he has to live with the knowledge that he can buy as many houses as he wants but he’ll never be able to buy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      So he’s doing what most attention whores do: he’s going where he can get some attention. Do we really believe Mitt & Ann Romney drink out of red Solo cups? Watch TWILIGHT? Look at him getting attention at Disneyland. This man has never had a hair out of place…and now he shows up looking crazy at the gas station? He couldn’t have gotten Javier or even Tagg to gas up for him?

      Naw, Mitt Romney knew what he was doing when he showed up at the gas station looking crazed and deranged. He wants some ATTENTION.

      And on the off chance that Mitt Romney IS going crazed & deranged, Ann needs to hustle him to a psychologist ASAP. Ann, come get your husband and Mitt, come get your life!

      • Miranda

        I saw a comment that said what Romney is doing is like what Sally Fields character would do in the movie “Soapdish” (one of my absolute favs!) – she would go to a public place and her best friend (played by Whoopi) would get all excited at seeing her so that people would flock and get her autograph and she could feel good about herself. LMAO – this is so MITT!

        • conlakappa

          I love that movie! And it’s so rarely on cable like bad movies from that era are.

  • rikyrah

    A big step forward on ‘Obamacare’ implementation
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:45 AM EST

    The Affordable Care Act was a massive piece of legislation, but it only went so far in defining the details of policy implementation. For example, the text of the bill mandates that Americans’ preventive care be provided without a copay, but it doesn’t specify what, exactly, counts as preventive care.

    And that’s where the regulatory process kicks in. It’s up to the Obama administration to make choices defining the limits and the benefits under the legal framework. With this in mind, “Obamacare” implementation took another important step forward yesterday.

    The Obama administration took a big step on Tuesday to carry out the new health care law by defining “essential health benefits” that must be offered to most Americans and by allowing employers to offer much bigger financial rewards to employees who quit smoking or adopt other healthy behaviors. […]

    The rules translate the broad promises of the 2010 law into detailed standards that can be enforced by state and federal officials. Under the rules, insurers cannot deny coverage or charge higher premiums to people because they are sick or have been ill. They also cannot charge women more than men, as many now do.

    “Thanks to the health care law, no one will be discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition,” said Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, who issued the rules with Phyllis C. Borzi, an assistant secretary of labor, and Steven T. Miller, the acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

    When it comes to “essential” benefits, states will have some leeway, but under the regulations unveiled yesterday, all insurers will be required to provide “dental care and vision services for children, treatment of mental health and drug abuse problems, and ‘habilitative services’ for people with conditions like autism or cerebral palsy.”


  • rikyrah

    November 19, 2012, 6:48 pm

    A Public Service Reminder: Paul Ryan is a Con Man

    So now that the Unperson/Ryan ticket has lost, Republicans are clearly expecting Paul Ryan to move right back into his previous role as Washington’s favorite Serious, Honest Conservative.

    He might get away with it; but I hope not.

    The fact is that Ryan is and always was a fraud. His plan never added up; it was never, contrary to what people who should know better asserted, “scored” by the CBO. What he actually offered was a plan to hurt the poor and reward the rich, actually increasing the deficit along the way, plus magic asterisks that supposedly reduced the debt by means unspecified.

    His genius, if you can all it that, was in realizing that there was a role — as I said, that of Honest, Serious Conservative — that self-proclaimed centrists desperately wanted to see filled, so that they could demonstrate their bipartisanship by lavishing praise on the holder of that position. So Ryan did his best to impersonate a budget wonk. It wasn’t a very good impersonation — in fact, he’s pretty bad at budget math. But the “centrists” saw what they wanted to see.

    Ryan can’t be ignored, since his party does retain blocking power, and he chairs an important committee. But if he must be dealt with, it should be with no illusions. Fool me once …


  • Miranda

    LOL – White House announces that both turkeys will be pardoned! Cobbler and Gobbler!

    Linda Holmes‏@nprmonkeysee
    #WATTLEGATE RT @Ari_Shapiro: This just in: President will pardon Cobbler AND Gobbler today, not just the winner of the vote. #SoftOnTurkeys

    • GN

      Good; now the PETA histrionic who compared the turkeys to black people can have a seat.

      • edp4bho

        Hey GN, POU.

        Wasn’t that some shiggedy? I didn’t know a frickin bird could vote, drive, pay a mortgage, serve in the military. We gots some crazy folk in this country.

        • GN

          It just…I gotta rant: the civil rights movement has been cannibalized to such an extent that pretty much everyone and everything can claim to be “the new black,” even a turkey apparently. My favorite was the guy who, because he’s transgendered, wanted to be able to sit naked with his package on display in a women’s locker and sauna, even though young girls use the facility. When confronted, she was like “it’s not 1959 you can’t call the police for drinking out of the wrong water fountain anymore.” If we as black people do anything during these next couple of years, rescuing our history, our experiences, and our achievements should be a top priority. The comparisons aren’t just sloppy, they’re a vehicle for expressing the profound disrespect that all of us know very much so still exists. I’m all for ridding the world of cruelty towards animals, but the histrionic professional left needs to leave us out of these hysterical PETA proclamations.

          • Preach the Word!

          • dannie22

            i co sign yr every word. we need to restore our history and stop folks from using it for their own purposes

      • MsKitty

        I’ve been LMAO of some of the tweets of people asking PBO to pardon their political prisoner/oppressed person flavor of the month, and being deadly serious about it.

        I’m like, um, you do realize the turkey “pardons” are just a holiday stunt and not for reals, right? Some folks just make it real easy for you to point and laugh at them.

        • Miranda

          MsKitty I have been rolling my eyes so hard at those fools!

    • conlakappa

      ZOMG!!! He’s an appeaser!!! He cannot make up his mind!!! Hear that he bowed to both turkeys/welcomed them as our poultry overlords?!!!

  • GreenLadyHere
  • Mornin’ POU!

    These ladies are FABULOUS! Love it!

  • Rinku Sen needs to understand that making snarky article titles like this: “Dear President Obama, Stop Deporting People. Thanks.” doesn’t help her garner support for her agenda.

    • rikyrah

      just doesn’t get it

    • MsKitty

      Fuck’em. What tiny speck of relevance these folks had evaporated 2 weeks ago.

      • GN

        Girl, all they have left is snark, pretend presidenting, and taking credit for OFA’s masterful neighor-to-neighbor accomplishments. All of these media, PR, and branding focused groups have lost relevance. Not even billions of dollars, vote shenanigans, and voter suppression could stop OFA. I’m still just in awe; I almost can’t believe it.

    • dannie22

      this is the same trick who said PBO should give back his nobel. she can catch fire.

      • isonprize

        this is the same trick who said PBO should give back his nobel. she can catch fire..


        Woooo, Dannie, how do you REALLY feel?? LOLOL

  • GreenLadyHere


    WAYTA – – -WAKE UP da day – – -with US – -LOVELY annnd TALENTED LADIES! :>)- –

    – – – –THESE AMAZING FACTS: – – –☻NL: I own 13 muscle cars, besides my race cars. [My husband and I] probably own a $2,000,000 collection;

    – – – – – —☻The daughter[TIA NORFLEET] of NASCAR driver Bobby Norfleet, she is the first African-American woman to receive a NASCAR racing license. – — a FIRST!! – – -Woo! Hoo! :>)

    Thanks 4 this information – – -NEW 2 me. :>) GR8 SERIES.!! — -PBOMB. :>)

    – – -B BLESSED. :>)

    P. S. —4 Da POU Gentleman. :>) – —

  • All political hell broke out at last night’s Newark City Council meeting!

    Citizens rush council members as chaos erupts at Newark City Hall meeting http://www.nj.com/essex/index.ssf/2012/11/newark_city_hall_disturbance_c.html

    Video of the drama: http://www.bluejersey.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=22078

    This was a dumb move on Booker’s part. According to Newark Municipal Code:

    “40:69A-41, Approval or veto of ordinances; attending meetings: (b) The mayor may attend meetings of council and may take part in discussions of council but shall have no vote except in the case of a tie on the question of filling a vacancy in the council, in which case he may cast the deciding vote.”

    The vote was 4-3 in favor Ms. Speight, so there was no tie and no need for Booker to cast a vote.

    But I found this comment at another site:

    “I think Booker is correct on the law. An ordinance requires 5 affirmative votes. A council resolution, according to state law, only needs a simple majority of those present, provided those present constitute a quorum.

    The law referenced above (40:69A-41) says that the Mayor can only break a tie when the Council has a tie vote for a vacancy on the Council (the Mayor doesn’t get to cast a tie-breaking vote if the Council ties in a vote on other routine business matters).

    The vote to fill the council vacancy is via resolution, not ordinance. Therefore, so long as there was a quorum present, Booker gets to break the tie.

    It might have looked ugly, it might have been politically risky, but the vote by Booker appears to be legal.”

    • Here’s what Anthony Santiago, Booker’s Deputy Chief of Staff tweeted POU in response our tweet about the situation:

      Anthony Santiago ‏@anthonysanti
      @PragObots it may appear like a cacophony, but his presence was crucial to the outcome of last night. #Butterfly

      POU asked him to explain and he has yet to reply to us. Meanwhile, here’s what Booker DM’d us:

      “this wasn’t about “moves” it was a legal process. City Corporation Counsel advised that I do vote for some very specific reasons.”

      POU asked him to explain and he has yet to reply.

    • Miranda

      Bad move Booker!

      • Another bad move was Rahaman Muhammad — who doesn’t even live in Newark — bum rushing the dais. Now the focus will be on him and his stupid, violent actions instead of Booker’s illegal vote. *smh*

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – –[Jus’ noting. Having difficulties signing on. Is is just me? – -:>)]

    – – –I’m STILL GLOATING: – – –

    – —Messina: Obama camp raised record $700 million online – —

    – — –Over on the home page, POLITICO’s Ginger Gibson reports on Obama campaign manager Jim Messina’s Playbook breakfast interview, where Mike Allen gets the lowdown on all those fundraising emails:

    The campaign also used its large amounts of individual data — which Messina insisted was mostly data the campaign generated by knocking on doors and making phone calls — to tailor fundraising requests to each recipient. The campaign tested the emails to see if recipients were likely to respond.

    — – -SNIP – –

    And it all paid off, with the campaign raising more than $700 million online, Messina said. That figure is up from the just under $500 million it raised in 2008.
    Messina said he wasn’t sure where all that data will end up but he suggested it won’t be in Washington. “You can’t run two presidential campaigns from the grassroots and say now we’re going to run this from D.C.,” Messina told Playbook. Read the full story and watch clips of the interview here.


    – —CONGRATULATIONS: – – –MR. PRESIDENT – – -ALL DONORS/SUPPORTERS – — INCLUDIN’ — POU FAM♥ – – -“MAKE IT RAIN – on the CAMPAIGN” – —Woo! Hoo! – –WE – – -DID – –the – –DANG THANG!! :>) – —

    • GN

      Words are inadequate for what a wonderful organization OFA has become. WOW. Piling achievements on top of achievements.

      • GreenLadyHere

        GN —–AMEN! – — -IT gets STRONGER –BY da DAY! – —


  • Alma98

    Good Morning everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all of pou and their families. Eat drink and watch football! Great series, as Aretha & Annie sang sista’s are doing it for themselves!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – – -LOL – – -Annnnd we thought that the –ELECTION was ova. LOL —

    – — –White House Used Facebook Poll To Decide Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning – —

    – – —The annual U.S. Presidential turkey pardoning ahead of Thanksgiving is a tradition dating back to President Kennedy, but the White House upgraded it for the 21st century this year, launching a poll on Facebook to allow users to pick which of two birds — Gobbler or Cobbler — should be pardoned and named the official National Thanksgiving Turkey for 2012 (neither will be killed and both will henceforth reside at a livestock enclosure George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens).

    To vote for which bird should have the honor of being the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Facebook users had to “Like” and/or “Share” their desired candidate bird’s page. The contest closed on Tuesday night, though, so the winner has already been decided. The White House will announce the winner today at the pardoning ceremony at 2 p.m. ET, which will be streamed live online.

    – –Guess da loser will have an -AKA – – —Da TWITT! –LOL

  • Alma98

    Nicole Lyons favors Alicia Keys

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – —-UPDATE on JJJr. —–

    — –Jackson Jr. Remains Quiet, Cancels Call With Staff

    – —Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) has reportedly canceled a conference call with staff that had been scheduled for Wednesday morning, and which had fueled speculation that the embattled congressman was close to making a decision about his political future.

    – – -SNIP – —

    Tuesday night, sources told Fox 32 News in Chicago that Jackson was going to speak with some of his staff in both his D.C. and Chicago offices on Wednesday morning. Other staff members would reportedly “receive an e-mail about his future plans in politics – and possibly the details of his plea bargain with the federal government.”

    “There was a conference call. I was informed the congressman was going to have a conference call with the staff at 10 a.m.,” Jackson spokesperson Frank Watkins told The Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday night.

    But Rick Bryant, Jackson’s chief of staff, later put out the word that there would be no call.

    – — -Offerin’ Prayer – – – -BUT — -HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID!! —

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – -HOT DANG!! – – -LOL – — RE-THUCKERS STILL – – -GOIN’ IN – -on da TWITT annnd EACH OTHER! – -LOL —

    — – – –Quote of the Day – –

    – – —“I won’t say who they are. They know who they are. They were on television. I mean, it was unbelievable. It was five, six days later, absolutely eviscerating him.”

    — Former Romney adviser Dan Senor, quoted by CNN, saying it was “stunning” how Romney staffers “preened for administration positions when they thought Romney would win but then turned on the candidate as soon as he lost the election.” – – —LOL – – –

    – – – –Is this called —-STILL GLOATING? – – – -LOL – – –So B IT! :>) – – –

    • jds09

      What Chris Rock said was true…Romney was the kid that only had friends cause his Dad had a pool. lol

      • rikyrah

        Said it before….

        will say it again….

        NOBODY had anything nice to say about Willard….

        UNLESS they were getting a CHECK from him.

        and, YES, I include HIS FAMILY in that.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY jds09. ****BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – -LOL – – -***fist bump*** —TRUTH.

        Annnnd — — -When da POOL COVER -is PUT ON – —

        — -THERE DEY GO – – – -> – – –LOL

        Good 2 C U jds09. :>) – – -HAPPY THANKSGIVING – -2 U♥/YOURS. :>) – —B BLESSED. :>)

  • gc

    Hi Folks. I am “breaking” from politics, hate, mendacity, etc, etc, ETC. I’m also in Nebraska visiting my son and new wife and hotel’s connectivity is spotty.

    But I just need to post to all – have a Happy and Heathy Holiday.and a huge hug of appreciation for keeping me sane these last six months. You are amazing people….GC

    • MsKitty

      Happy Thanksgiving GC. Enjoy your visit.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY gc.♥ ****BIG HUG*** :>)

      – – -HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2 U/YOURS. :>) —

      ENJOY your FAMILY time. :>)

      B BLESSED. :>) – – -Good 2 HEAR from U. :>) – –

    • Alma98

      Happy Thanksgiving gc enjoy time with your son & daughter-in-law.

    • GN

      Sounds wonderful—happiest of holidays to you, g.

    • sagittarius

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, gc!

    • Happy Holidays, GC!

    • PBomb

      Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Admiral_Komack


    • TyrenM

      Happy Thanksgiving GC. Enjoy yourself.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – – -Even while he is working on the ECONOMY — – MR. PRESIDENT is –keepin’ an eye on the MIDDLE EAST EVENTS. – – —

    – – — White House condemns Tel Aviv bus attack as Clinton heads to Cairo – —

    – — —The White House on Wednesday condemned a bomb attack on a Tel Aviv bus, as Secretary Hillary Clinton worked to craft a cease-fire to halt the violence between Hamas and Israel.

    “The United States condemns today’s terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those injured, and with the people of Israel,” said a statement from the White House.

    “These attacks against innocent Israeli civilians are outrageous. The United States will stand with our Israeli allies, and provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack,” the statement continued.

    The latest attack came as Clinton arrived in Cairo on Wednesday to meet with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Clinton traveled to the region on Tuesday in hopes of brokering a truce to end the weeklong violence between Israel and Hamas and avert a possible ground war in Gaza.

    Clinton met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday evening and reaffirmed U.S. support for Israel, saying that “America’s commitment to Israel’s security is rock-solid and unwavering.”

    But Clinton added that she hoped to push forward efforts to find a “comprehensive peace” in the region.


    – — – LEADERSHIP – —

  • creolechild

    Good afternoon POU.

    More celebs help tribes trying to buy sacred land

    An online campaign to raise money so Native American tribes in South Dakota can purchase land they consider sacred has gained steam with a growing list of celebrities backing the effort. P Diddy and Bette Midler have tweeted their support for the effort to purchase nearly 2,000 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They join actor Ezra Miller and hip-hop producer Sol Guy, who appeared in a recent video online with drawing attention to the effort.

    Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation must raise $9 million by the end of the month to buy the land in the Black Hills. They have raised $7 million so far. The land the tribes call Pe’ Sla is important to their creation story.


  • creolechild

    Oops..guess the Obama’s-in-the-pocket-of-WallSt.-and-the-big-banks-crowd is going to have to come up with new talking points, right? On the other hand, we know they’ll only move the goalposts and find something else to complain about, i.e. “It’s just a drop in the bucket,” or “Why aren’t the CEO’s being perp walked?” Anything so they don’t have to give credit where credit is due…and doesn’t require them to put some skin in the game…

    New York sues Credit Suisse over mortgage securities

    The state of New York sued Credit Suisse for fraud Tuesday over the sale of questionable mortgage securities that dealt buyers $11.2 billion in losses in the US housing meltdown. Following a similar suit against JPMorgan Chase in October, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the Swiss bank deceived investors over the quality of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) that it sold in 2006 and 2007.[….] The losses sustained were roughly 12 percent of the total initial value of the securities of nearly $94 billion, and the attorney general’s office said it was seeking to recoup the losses for investors.[….]

    Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/11/20/new-york-sues-credit-suisse-over-mortgage-securities/

    H/T Agence France-Presse

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – – -Humph! – — THIS PHOOL – – -> – —

    – –Boehner: ‘ObamaCare’ must be on the table in ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations – –

    – – -<i>President Obama’s signature healthcare law has to be on the table for cuts as Congress tried to negotiate a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) wrote in an op-ed.

    “We can’t afford it, and we can’t afford to leave it intact,” Boehner wrote in the Cincinnati Enquirer. “That’s why I’ve been clear that the law has to stay on the table as both parties discuss ways to solve our nation’s massive debt challenge.”

    Republicans have already made clear that they hope to go after the law’s insurance subsidies in upcoming debt talks. The subsidies represent billions of dollars that will, in 2014, help the uninsured pay for private insurance coverage. But Republicans want to cut into the subsidies to help pay for a fiscal-cliff agreement.

    – –WOW&1/2!! – – ->Boehner went on to argue that the push to repeal the Affordable Care Act will be aided by strict congressional oversight. He also praised Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) for refusing to implement a state-based insurance exchange, but neglected to mention that the choice invites the federal government to operate Ohio’s exchange.

    — –Annnnnd afta MR. PRESIDENT gave him some GOOD WINE —4 his birthday! LOL – – – –

    — NO MATTA – — -“IT WON’T -WORK”!!! – –HAH!

    • rikyrah

      Orange Julius…

      go sip from that bottle some more.


      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY rikyrah. — -***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – –LOL – –I KNOW –HUH?- – — –

        –Guess his ROMNESIA – – -Kicked it!! :>)

        Good 2 C U. :>) – – –

    • Alma98

      Put the bottle down Boehner.
      Happy Thanksgiving! GLH ***(HUGS***)

      • I was about to say he must be suffering from Bacardi amnesia. Didn’t he say that Obamacare is the law of the land?

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Alma98 – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

        —-LOL – —He cain’t! — -He’s HOOKED – -LOL—

        Annnnd the VERY SAME 2 U/YOURS♥ Alma. :>)

        B BLESSED. :>)

    • conlakappa

      Someone must be threatening his flank, one of the lean and hungry Rs is about to stage a putsch.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY conlakappa. ***BIG HUG*** :>) —

        – – –***fist bump** — Contrary 2 all da talk — da INFLUENCE of da T-POTTY –is STILL ALIVE. :>)

        Annnd a FOLLOW-UP: – —“Will da – – COUP B TELEVISED”??? – –LOL – – – –

        Good 2 C U conlakappa. :>) —

      • jds09

        Couldn’t agree more. Cantor perhaps?

        • conlakappa

          The time for Cantor to make his move was in 2010 and he didn’t. I wonder if his standing is weakened and it will be one of those Texas TP folks, like Louis Gohmert. My eyebrow, she stays arched and headed skyward…

      • Kennymack1971

        The Far Right talk radio mafia has been on Orange Julius ass and warning him about making a deal. That’s what this is about.

        • conlakappa

          Right but they are just noise. This feels more like a reaction to a nascent power play. Something is in the air and it’s not just the smell of Mistic tan and bourbon.

          The blurb in the Wash Post about his day-early birthday celebration was that he had cake with three women, then left the three women at the bar/restaurant by themselves.

    • jds09

      Boehner is willing to say “we can’t afford to insure working class folks and the rich need their tax cuts”, aloud again. A position that the majority of Americans detest.

      These people are dumb as park benches or they are cornered by crazies. Probably both. We are watching the slow self-destruction of the Republican Party. Wow.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – –BREAKING: – – – -CEASE FIRE AGREED UPON. – –WILL TAKE PLACE SOON. – – – -Watchin’. . . . . . .

    • If they won’t lift the blockade then this is only a prelude to the next explosion.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY woody45. **BIG HUG*** :>)

        — -SADLY — -U! SPEAK! – – -TRUTH! —
        –THEY R — -DEADLY — -EVIL/VILE annnd BRUTAL!! –

        Watchin’. . . . .

        Good 2 C U woody45. :>) — -HAPPY THANKSGIVING :>)

  • creolechild

    You mad, bros? If I were you, I’d be mad too. Just look at all the money you’ve contributed–and you have absolutely nothing to show for it! You’ve made my dreams come true…THANK YOU! (:

    Koch Brothers Target Major Obamacare Opponent For Considering Implementation

    Although President Obama’s re-election ensures his landmark health reform will continue to be implemented across the country — and even House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has finally conceded that Obamacare is “the law of the land” — some right-wing groups simply refuse to give up the fight against the Affordable Care Act. Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed lobbying group, is going after its own, targeting long-standing allies like Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and other state lawmakers for agreeing that Obamacare is here to stay.[….]

    [….] A ThinkProgress analysis of the Kantar Media Group’s CMAG data reveals that Americans for Prosperity spent over $10 million during the 2012 campaign cycle on ads attacking Obamacare and the candidates who supported it. They dropped over $5 million on just one anti-Obamacare ad spot, falsely describing the health law as “one of the largest tax increases in history,” even though the Affordable Care Act actually represents a massive tax cut for the middle class.

    Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/11/20/1216611/koch-brothers-obamacare-florida/?mobile=nc

    H/T Tara Culp-Ressler and Josh Israel

    • Go ahead. Pour more money down the sinkhole. I just wish they’d throw some of those millions my way.

  • Miranda

    ‘Rise of the Guardians’ director Peter Ramsey: The ‘Obama of animation’

    In many eyes, Peter Ramsey, director of the upcoming DreamWorks film Rise of the Guardians, is a pioneer: the first African-American filmmaker to direct a major, big budget CG-animated motion picture. Yet for Ramsey, himself, the milestone feels more like a necessary progression of sorts than an executed plan.

    The director, who was honored by the African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) and the City of Los Angeles at a special screening of the movie on Saturday in L.A., believes the crowning achievement is due to his dedication and focus, sticking out the grind of Hollywood in order to let time open up a world of grander playing fields.

    more here

  • Miranda

    I am a Jeopardy fanatic! Best of luck to Colby!

    Chicago teacher headed to ‘Jeopardy!’ finals

    This 1890 piece was named for a Verlaine poem that begins ‘Your soul is as a moonlit landscape fair.’”

    You may not know the answer, but 28-year-old Chicago AP History teacher Colby Burnett got it right and now he’s headed to final rounds of the Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament.

    According to the Huffington Post, Burnett, who teaches at Fenwick High School, won the semi-final round Friday after answering, “What is ‘Clair de lune?’”

    more here

    • conlakappa

      That’s date-stamped November 19. The final has already aired where I live. I won’t spoiler it for you.

      • Miranda

        OK! I’ve missed the last few week, but I DVR it and haven’t watched any of them yet.

  • PBomb

    These sistas are awesome! I have a love for muscle cars too.

    If I had the cash, I would be all about having a 68′ Camaro. Nice to know there are others.

    • sagittarius

      My aunt had one as a young professional woman. I loved when she would take me places in it! I actually like the current Camaros, which are updated body models of the ’68 version.

      • PBomb

        I actually like the new Camros. They are nice.

  • creolechild

    Astronomy Overnight Thread- Leonids Over Monument Valley

    [….] Explanation: What’s happening in the sky over Monument Valley? A meteor shower. Over the past weekend the Leonid meteor shower has been peaking. The image — actually a composite of six exposures of about 30 seconds each — was taken in 2001, a year when there was a much more active Leonids shower. At that time, Earth was moving through a particularly dense swarm of sand-sized debris from Comet Tempel-Tuttle, so that meteor rates approached one visible streak per second. The meteors appear parallel because they all fall to Earth from the meteor shower radiant — a point on the sky towards the constellation of the Lion (Leo). Click to enlargen, well worth it.


    H/T Sean M. Sabatini (image credit) and Paddy

  • Miranda

    Mark Knoller‏@markknoller
    WH says Pres Obama urged Netanyahu to agree to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal while reiterating Israel’s right to defend itself.

    Oh I know one of you has the translation!

    • GN

      “M-fer if you don’t have the SEAT of SEATS…”

      Okay, maybe that’s just what I would say to Bibi.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB/POUFAM: – – -MY profound APOLOGIES 4 my slow REPLES. — -Jus’ havin a time stayin. connected. :>) ♥GLH. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – -Woo! Hoo! – –GR8 — -NEWS!! – – – –

    – —-Congressional Black Caucus chooses new leader: Rep. Marcia Fudge – —

    – – —The Congressional Black Caucus has named Ohio Democratic Congress member Marcia Fudge as its leader for the next two years, according to The Plain Dealer.

    The decision, made by members last Wednesday, will give Fudge the responsibility of setting the political agenda for 43 black U.S. House of Representatives members. She will also act as a national spokeswoman on African-American issues.

    – -“I am humbled by the vote of confidence of my colleagues who have selected me to serve as the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus during the 113th Congress,” Fudge said in a statement. “Leadership of the CBC will be shared among all officers selected and I will continue to work hard and serve with dedication, the people who sent me to Congress.”

    She said she plans to concentrate on health care, unemployment and poverty during her term.

    — -SNIP – —

    She also says she has already developed a solid relationship with House Speaker John Boehner while they were working together on Ohio issues, and she looks forward to helping him understand issues important to the group.

    – – –SHE!! – -IS! – –STR8! – – – -FIERCE!! – –:>) – –

    — – – – – -CONGRATULATIONS!! :>) – –[:>) @ dannie]

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – –Rep Marcia Fudge defends UN Ambassador Susan Rice from attacks by Sen McCain – –

    — – –Rep. Marcia Fudge, along with several other women Members of Congress, call out Sen. McCain and other GOP senators for their inappropriate, outrageous personal attacks on UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

    – — –PA- REEEEEEEEECH! — –SISTA!! :>) -PROUD of U! :>)

    • sagittarius

      Hi, GLH **BIG HUG**

      Rep Fudge brought it! It’s what I would expect from the former President (1998-2000) of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY sagittarius♥. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – —

        – –***fist bump*** – – -It’s NICE 2 C that those POSITIVE QUALITIES that R supposed 2 B developed in BLACK GREEKS — -R – – LIFELONG! :>) — – – –

        – — -Good 2 C U sagittarius. :>) – –

      • goldenstar

        Fabulous! Interesting information about Rep. Fudge. I look forward to refreshing leadership in CBC.

        This is going to be a fabulous moment in history on so many levels!

  • Miranda

    This dense bitch.

    Fox News host mocks food stamps: ‘Do you know how fabulous I’d look? I’d be so skinny’

    Fox News host Andrea Tantaros on Wednesday seemed to be mocking the millions of hungry Americans who are forced to used food stamps when she suggested that the program would make for a great diet plan.

    During a Thanksgiving-eve segment on Fox Business, host Stuart Varney noted that Newark Mayor Cory Booker had accepted a challenge to live on food stamps for a week.

    “Could you like on 133 bucks a month for food?” Varney asked Tantaros, who co-hosts Fox News’ The Five.
    “I should try it because, do you know how fabulous I’d look?” she replied. “I mean, the camera adds ten pounds. It really does. I would be looking great.”

    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1uo9Y)

    • MsKitty

      Some people need to get their ass beat just because.

    • GN

      smdh! Fox deliberately seeks out idiotic women. I read on media matters that a Fox”News” host joked that they just look through the Victoria’s Secret catalog and ask for anyone who can talk.

      • Miranda

        That was Brian Kilmeade who himself has the IQ of a wind-up toy. All of the Faux News hosts are nothing more than dummies for Roger Ailes ventriloquist vaudeville show.

      • conlakappa

        Or at least they act it. I think Gretchen Carlsen graduated Phi Beta Kappa and is classic violinist. Before went the full dick, Jon Stewart had a great deconstruction of her faking the stupid so it’s been 2 or 3 years.

        • GN

          Wow, so she’s playing dumb for Fox?? That’s actually more pathetic than if she really were an idiot.

          • conlakappa

            I know!! That was the premise of his deconstruction. So she is there to make dumb men feel better about themselves? We know that Doocey is too demonstrably dumb for it to be an act! Faux is just entertainment. Maybe she looks at it like a role?

          • GN

            So she is there to make dumb men feel better about themselves?

            ugh, in the words of Tamar Braxton, Gretchen, “get yo life.” My goodness, how wretched.

          • GN

            So she is there to make dumb men feel better about themselves?

            ugh, in the words of Tamar Braxton, Gretchen, “get yo life.” My goodness, how wretched.

    • That’s the same bitch that called FLOTUS “Marie Antoinette” when she took a trip to Spain.

    • rikyrah

      It is hard not to hate these mofos

    • Kennymack1971

      These people make me sick . They’re beneath contempt.

  • Miranda

    I would love for them to be able to speak freely about what went on behind the scenes. I believe they were pushed to be Fox-lite.

    Maine news anchor team resigns on air over ‘unbalanced news’

    While neither of the former anchors would go on record to detail how they were being pressured to slant the news, some bloggers have speculated that Fox affiliate WFVX had been moving to emulate conservative bias at Fox News.
    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1unyq)

    • I believe it. When Fox took over the local NYC Tri-State affiliates (WNYW on channel 5 & WWOR on channel 9) they turned into Fox Jr. stations. I used to love channel 9 news because they focused on NJ and did a lot of stories and special investigative reports that related to the Black and Latino communities.

      • MsKitty

        Fox 29 in Philly has been emulating the mothership for a few years now.

        Back in the day we used to get all the NY stations (now it’s just channel 11) and we always tuned into channel 5 news at 10 to see which celeb would say “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?”

        • LOL! I remember that catch-phrase!

          Back in the day, we used to get Philly channels 29 and channel 17 via cable. I used to watch “Dance Party USA” on the latter channel. Good times, good times!

  • sagittarius

    Afternoon, POU Fam!

    Hope it’s a great day for you. Be back a little later!

  • Miranda

    Breaking from the Chicago Sun-Times:

    Jesse Jackson Jr. to resign within the hour: source

    • goldenstar
    • Not surprised.

      Do ya’ll think JJJ really has bi-polar disorder, or did he just get scared (or faked it) because he knew the Feds found something on him?

      And what happens to his congressional seat?

      • sagittarius

        Hi, Sepia:

        I believe he is suffering from depression, which can be a symptom of bi-polar disorder. Think about it – 4 years ago, the world was his oyster. All he head to do was WORK for the seat vacated by Pres. Obama. Instead, he allegedly tried to buy it – and this set in motion a Karmic chain of events. Now, he is certainly looking at jail time and a reputation in tatters.

        IL has elections next year. His seat will be included in the February 2013 primary and November general election. Gov. Quinn will appoint a temporary replacement.

        • Miranda

          Yeah, but is this clinical depression or is this “I effed up and now my life is a wreck and I am depressed.” Because if its the latter, he needs to man up on his eff ups and face the music.

          • sagittarius

            Hi, Miranda:

            I am not an authority on clinical depression, so I’m gonna keep my lips off of it.

            What I can say is what will be revealed in the plea agreement will result in the ruination of his professional and personal reputations. I think he is bargaining hard to keep from widespread notice the fact that the $40K watch allegedly purchased from campaign funds was not for a female.

          • Hol’ up! I thought that gift was for some blonde side chick he was hiding?

          • Miranda

            Maybe she was a decoy…Remember that episode of “Scandal”?

          • Oh snap!

            (Don’t cha just love how we can relate real-life political drama with “Scandal”?)

          • rikyrah


          • PBomb

            **sips tea***

            “Not for a female?!”

          • Miranda


            ok, I’m done.

          • sagittarius

            Although I despise her with the heat of 1,000 suns, Micheal Sneed’s column from Monday, November 15. First paragraph.


            Also, Sandi Jackson is also under scrutiny by the feds. She was paid as a ‘communications consultant’ from her husband’s campaign funds.

          • rikyrah



            I’ve been mad all this time that this was a gift for a woman – NOT HIS WIFE.

            you mean, it wasn’t even for a FEMALE?

            uh uh uh

        • rikyrah


          who do you think will get the appointment?

          it is QUINN’s to give, right?

          • sagittarius

            Hi, Rikyrah:

            Good question. At this point, I’m thinking Kwame Raoul, current state senator out of Hyde Park. Part of his current state senate district is in the 2nd CD.

            What Quinn is not going to do is appoint anyone who is not African-American. As you remember, that district was carved up to add more white constituents.

          • rikyrah

            it is?

            Raoul’s district is?

            isn’t Raoul’s district where President Obama used to serve…and he ran against Bobby Rush…

            so, they’ve switched folks like that?

          • sagittarius

            The boundaries of the 1st and 2nd CD keep switching in the city. Hyde Park was split between the 1st and 2nd; at one address, I started in the 1st; then the boundaries changed to the 2nd. Let me take a look at the new map; but yes, I believe Kwame’s senate district includes part of the 2nd.

            Also, rumor is that Todd Stroger is looking at the seat. The 8th ward is still a helluva organization, so if he does decide to go, he would have a decent shot.

      • rikyrah

        I hate to be cynical….

        but I’m doubting the bi-polar disorder.

        as for who gets his seat…I do wonder about that.

        • Elie

          I think his wife will run for it. Try for the sympathy vote like Mary Bono Mack?

          • sagittarius

            Sandi better make sure she’s not indicted. Sandi can’t run for dog catcher.

      • rikyrah

        by winning his seat in November, I do believe any special election will help the Dems keep the seat

  • Miranda

    I’m loving that jacket Tia is wearing in that video.

  • Miranda

    Nerdy Wonka‏@utaustinliberal
    Pres. Obama: “Nate Silver nailed it. He predicted these guys would live.” #TurkeyPardon

  • Miranda

    I bet his theme music started playing when he turned away LOL

    Zeke Miller‏@ZekeJMiller
    @kwelkernbc asks Obama to comment on Gaza ceasefire. Obama stops, smiles, then laughs and turns away from cameras.

    • rikyrah


      what is his theme music…LOL

      • Miranda

        You know what I’m partial too! Just the first 15 seconds of it – with that bass line LOUD

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB — —***hands out BAND AIDS*** ——Ooooweeeeee! —

    —– – -SHE! IS! – – -FIERCE!! –LOL – –

    – —CNN Host Exposes GOP’s Hypocrisy On Benghazi – —

    – — –Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to press his case against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, the target of Republican criticism for initially claiming that the Sept. 11 attacks on Benghazi were inspired by spontaneous protests to an anti-Islamic video. Burgess joined 97 House Republicans in opposing Rice’s potential nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, even though her public statements about the incident originated from unclassified talking points provided by the intelligence community.

    Host Soledad O’Brien challenged Burgess’ opposition to Susan Rice, noting that Republicans had supported Condoleezza Rice’s nomination as Secretary of State in 2005, despite the Bush administration’s role in the massive intelligence failures that led to the Iraq war. Burgess struggled to explain the contradiction. He initially claimed that the media was far more critical of Bush’s intelligence failures than Obama, but when O’Brien laughed away that claim, he told her to take up the question with Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), both of whom supported Condoleezza but now oppose Susan:

    O’BRIEN: I have asked others before how this does not compare, the Susan Rice issue, to the Condoleezza Rice issue on weapons of mass destruction. She was also wrong when she was the national security adviser, right? … Fast forward three years in 2005 when she was up to be secretary of state, it was Lindsey Graham who was furious that the Democrats were pushing back. It was Sen John mccain who were furious that the Democrats were pushing back on Condoleezza Rice to be Secretary of State. She was wrong on weapons of mass destruction. How is this different?

  • GreenLadyHere


    He is soooo —ENJOYIN’ THIS!! —LOL — —

    — –YET — he CONTINUES 2 REFLECT on –“The STORM”.– —


  • rikyrah

    From The Maddow BLog

    If you perceive reality as the enemy, you’re doing it wrong
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:00 AM EST

    Rachel noted on the show last night that there are a series of people saying things about the 2012 election “that aren’t true, but it makes them feel better to say it anyway.” Most notably, she highlighted a guy named Dean Chambers, best known for creating a website, Unskewed Polls, that weighted election surveys in a way Republicans liked, in order to make it look like Mitt Romney was poised to win with relative ease.

    When making a list of people who looked awfully foolish when President Obama won a second term, we can start with folks like Karl Rove and Dick Morris, but Dean Chambers is certainly right up there on the list.

    Given this ignominious notoriety, Chambers might be expected to lay low for a while, staying out of the public eye so as to avoid reminding people of his failures. But that’s not what’s happening — Chambers has now created BarackOFraudo.com, allowing the conservative to apply his razor-sharp analytic skills to arguing the president was elected by virtue of voter fraud.

    Dave Weigel talked to Chambers yesterday about his evidence, and not surprisingly, the activist had very little to offer to substantiate his strange theories. Those who see the imaginary scourge of voter fraud always seem to stumble when asked for legitimate proof.

    The larger takeaway, however, is that the right is still struggling badly to learn from its recent mistakes.


    I don’t mean electoral mistakes, or even policy missteps; I’m thinking more about conservatives’ discomfort with reality. Going into the elections, the right descended into a strange alternate universe — one of their own making — in which objective truths could be manipulated, distorted, or easily explained away.

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – –LOL – –Got a FOLDER FULL of — -GLOATS annnd I ‘ON’T KNOW how 2 BRANG ‘EM here. – –Soooo –I’ll use the SLOW Method. :>)

    – — –LOL – – —

  • Admiral_Komack


    • sagittarius

      Happy Thanksgiving, Admiral!

    • Alma98

      Happy Thanksgiving Admiral! Eat till you drop lol.

    • Happy Thanksgiving Admiral!

    • TyrenM

      Happy Thanksgiving Admiral. I’ll fight you for the Green Chair…Saturday for Grambling/Southern. I love the “Battle of the Bands” at halftime.

    • MsKitty

      Happy Thanksgiving!

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