November 21, 2017

Wednesday Open Thread: Famous Firsts, Blacks in Major League Baseball

Good morning Obots!

Today’s famous first — Frank Robinson, the first black manager in the major leagues.

While playing with the Orioles, Robinson had set his sights on becoming a major league manager. He knew the odds were against him. Despite integration of players, no black or Latino had ever managed a big league team, much less made it into the executive ranks.

In 1975, in a historic move, Robinson was named the Cleveland Indians’ player-manager. The appointment came with a hitch, however: Much to Robinson’s displeasure, the Indians refused to give him even a token raise over his player’s salary.

“If they were to release me right now, I would get $180,000 over the next year,” he relates telling his agent. “If I take the job to manage the ball-club, and also play, I get the same amount. But they’ve put me in a position where they know I almost can’t refuse their offer.  . . . If I turn the job down, that would just give other owners an excuse not to hire me or other blacks.”

Robinson ultimately took the Cleveland job, becoming the first African-American manager in baseball.  In 1980 Robinson became the first black manager in the National League when he took over the San Francisco Giants. In984, he returned to his old home, the Baltimore Orioles, as a coach in 1985, and in 1988 was appointed manager. At the season’s end, he was the unanimous choice for the Manager of the Year. Robinson was the first manager to win the award in both leagues. 

Frank Robinson’s life in baseball has been one of unremitting commitment to excellence, as witnessed by his Rookie of the Year, two MVPs, and two manager of the Year awards, his presence on 12 All-Star teams in both major leagues, and his first ballot induction into baseball’s Hall of Fame. His outspoken courage in criticizing baseball’s discrimination against people of color and his own success in overcoming racial barriers have earned him an equally important place in the sport’s history.

Frank Robinson and Ruby Dee honored at MLB Civil Rights Game

 Frank Robinson: The First Black Manager

  • GN

    So much has been made of the “racial divide” re: Trayvon Martin’s murder. CNN asked a simple question for the second time: “should Zimmerman have been arrested” and once again, a supermajority of the US, including a supermajority of white people said yes.

    I think that there’s a fraction of conservative wingnuts who are adamantly pro-Zimmerman and whose behavior is some of the ugliest shit I’ve seen in a while. Everyone else agrees with Zimmerman’s arrest.

    • Miranda

      Actually they are just “Pro-Using a gun to kill any black or brown person for whatever reason in the name of the 2nd amendmen”….Zimmerman just happens to be the face of that psychopathic position at this time. They don’t give a shit about him either.

      • isonprize

        Zimmerman just happens to be the face of that psychopathic position at this time. They don’t give a shit about him either.


      • GN

        And once PBO made kind remarks about this child, they sought to denigrate him, as they seek to denigrate every single thing that could possibly be connected with PBO. Dead, murdered kid and these sociopaths are joking about “Obama’s son.” They’ve truly reached a point of no return; this is the same crowd that picnicked at lynchings 50 years ago.

    • rikyrah

      the protests were about getting an arrest. nobody said anything about the outcome of a trial. the outrage was about that he stalked, hunted, and shot an unarmed teenager, and the police went ‘ ok’.

    • GreenLadyHere


      YEP! – -TYPICAL RE-THUG RESULTS. in the 60’s% – – –

      4 SHOULD BE ARRESTED. ERRYBODY ELSE 70% – -80%+ 4 – – -SHOULD B ARRESTED!! humph.

      THEY would VOTE 4 – – TRAYVON’s GUILT at the same RATE – – -even though he was UNARMED!! – —

      Thanks 4 BRANGIN’ THIS. :>)

      Good 2 C U – -GN. :>)

  • Miranda

    SMH………In “people who got to much damn time on their hands” news:

    ‘Bachelor’ Faces Racial-Discrimination Suit

    Nashville, Tenn., residents Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson announced in a press release today that they plan to file a class action lawsuit against ABC’s The Bachelor reality-dating television franchise for racial discrimination.

    They say The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have intentionally excluded of people of color and have, over a period of 10 years and a combined total of 23 seasons, never featured a single person of color in their central roles.

    Claybrooks and Johnson, both of whom are African American, are requesting class action status for the case, which they say they’ll file in federal court on Wednesday morning.

    more here

    this is so damn trifling.

    • isonprize

      grifters gotta grift.

    • GreenLadyHere

      GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNTIN’ miranda – – -***BIG HUG*** :>)

      WHA’!!?? – —THEY haven’t had a DATE in a long time??? geesh!

      I thought that there was a LAW against FRIVOLOUS LAW SUITS!! –

      – – – GET A LIFE —“bros”!! – – -geesh. ***shakin’ my head***

      Have a good day miranda. :>)

    • vulcan_girl

      I don’t know anybody who watches either show.

    • PBomb

      I forgot the show was even on. This isn’t news that the show has been lily white. It sucks anyway.

    • Worldwatcher7

      Lord have mercy; have some damn dignity.

    • Wow!!!! #ninjasplease They need to sit they arses down somewhere. Out of all the actual racial injustice this is what these two choose to sue about. #MANSITYOSILLYASSESDOWNNOW

    • Guns3000

      GTFOH, these dudes are LAMES.

  • rikyrah

    The Romney Campaign Thinks Latinos Are Stupid
    Posted on 04/17/2012 at 7:00 pm by JM Ashby

    As we’ve discussed numerous times, Mitt Romney’s immigration policy proposals are the harshest out of all past and present presidential candidates during this election cycle. So harsh in fact that he managed to make Newt Gingrich seem compassionate for a few minutes when Gingrich refused to agree with deporting grandmothers.

    The lead architect of Romney’s immigration policy is Kris Kobach, the author of “Papers Please” anti-immigration law, who since the beginning of the year has been closely advising the Romney campaign.

    Finding themselves trailing President Obama by over 50 percent among Latino voters however, the Romney campaign now appears to be distancing themselves from Kris Kobach, who they now categorize as a “supporter” rather than an adviser.

    The only problem is Kobach apparently didn’t get the memo.

    Politico’s Glenn Thrush reports today that the Romney campaign appears to be distancing itself from the controversial adviser as it pivots to the general election and seeks to appeal to Hispanic voters. […]

    However, Kobach disputes this claim. Reached by ThinkProgress this afternoon, Kobach said, “No, my relationship with the campaign has not changed. Still doing the same thing I was doing before.” Asked what that entails, he said, “providing advice on immigration policy.” “I don’t want to go into great detail, but I communicate regularly with senior members of Romney’s team,” he explained.

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 03:21 PM ET, 04/17/2012
    Time for Democratic donors to wake up
    By Greg Sargent

    Today’s New York Times reports an eye-popping figure: The pro-Romney forces may be able to raise and spend no less than $1 billion to oust President Obama. That number could climb considerably higher, if the fundraising by Romney-aligned outside groups is a success.

    Which raises a question: Why is Dem outside-group fundraising failing to keep pace?

    “The fact that the Romney forces are going to be able to amass at least $1 billion dollars should be a tremendous wake up call for our side,” Paul Begala, an adviser to Priorities USA, the main pro-Obama outside group, tells me.

    Media reports have speculated that the Obama campaign will raise $1 billion for reelection, but the campaign vigorously disputes this. Meanwhile, Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action have only raised a combined $10 million. That sum was matched by a single anonymous GOP donor who quietly handed the Rove-founded Crossroads GPS a $10 million check the other day.

    I asked Begala why Dems are lagging behind. He gave three reasons. The first: Dem donors are used to an outdated calendar. The air wars designed to establish the frame of the election are getting under way far earlier in the new era.

    “Dems are used to giving late — we’d have an ad blitz in the last eight weeks, but before then it would be all about building up the ground game,” Begala said. “Now we’ve got a different timetable. We want to define Romney now, as he’s trying to define himself.”

    “The second reason is that our donors are not transactional,” Begala continued. “For the Koch brothers, this is a straight return on an investment deal.” A Republican president, Begala continued, “would preserve tax breaks for their oil companies and kill off Obama’s investments in green energy.”

    Begala’s third reason: “Many progressive donors think President Obama has it in the bag. But he doesn’t even have it in the shopping cart yet, much less in the bag.”

    There are mitigating factors. Major labor unions will also be raising and spending huge sums. But some union resources may be diverted elsewhere. Other Dem groups are raising cash for the Congressional races. But the pro-Romney forces may have well over $1 billion for the presidential race alone.

    True, there’s been some debate over how much outside spending really matters. But this is the first presidential race in which we’re going to see this level of spending, so who knows how it will turn out. Dem donors may not be aware of the spending juggernaut that’s about to hit them.

    • Town

      Because Democrats want Obama to lose too.

  • rikyrah

    The GOP power play on public display
    By Steve Benen – Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:00 AM EDT.
    Associated Press

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) isn’t fully invested in his party’s 2012 ticket.
    Even before the race for the Republican presidential nomination effectively ended, many of Mitt Romney’s most notable supporters expressed deep misgivings about him. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), for example, said a day after endorsing the former governor, “There are a lot of other people out there that some of us wish had run for president — but they didn’t.”

    On Capitol Hill, the dissatisfaction is considerably more acute. More than a dozen far-right House members chatted yesterday with reporters, and as Sahil Kapur reported, the group had “a hard time finding anything praiseworthy to say about their party’s presumptive presidential nominee.”

    Fourteen GOP conservatives sat together Tuesday on a Capitol Hill panel to field questions from a few dozen reporters and other attendees about the political issues of the day. When asked, predictably, to provide their thoughts about Mitt Romney, they turned decidedly lukewarm.

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) summed up the conservative mood with a joke that won laughter from the audience, but might have hit too close to home for many in the GOP.

    “Whether you’re liberal, whether you’re very conservative,” he said, “you ought to be excited [about Romney] because he’s been on your side at one time or another.”

  • rikyrah

    Anyone-But-Romney Still More Popular Than Romney
    Posted on 04/17/2012 at 5:00 pm by JM Ashby

    According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Mitt Romney is now the weakest presumptive presidential nominee in nearly 30 years.

    Furthermore, the gender gap, the gap between Democratic and Republican support among women, is widening. Not shrinking.

    Mitt Romney has emerged from the Republican primary season with the weakest favorability rating on record for a presumptive presidential nominee in ABC News/Washington Post polls since 1984, trailing a resurgent Barack Obama in personal popularity by 21 percentage points.

    Thirty-five percent of Americans see Romney favorably, while 47 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the former Massachusetts governor. He’s the first likely nominee to be underwater — seen more unfavorably than favorably — in ABC/Post polls in eight presidential primary seasons over the past 28 years.

    Romney’s gender gap in vote preferences in an ABC/Post poll last week — he trailed Obama by 19 percentage points among women — is reflected in his new favorability scores as well. Just 27 percent of women see Romney favorably, compared with 44 percent of men — his lowest rating to date among women, and highest among men, in a dozen ABC/Post polls since September.

    Meanwhile, Gallup and Fox News are unabashedly manipulating their polls to give Mitt Romney an advantage which doesn’t actually exist.

    Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans nationally, but recent Gallup and Fox News polls were calculated as if seven million Democrats vanished and seven million Republicans joined the rolls overnight. The net result is giving Romney a two point advantage. An advantage that doesn’t really exist.

  • rikyrah

    The Sympathy Gap
    By Steve Benen – Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:45 AM EDT.

    Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) appeared on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show the other day, and shared her thoughts on Americans burdened with student-loan debt.

    For those who can’t watch or listen to clips online, here’s the part of Foxx’s comments that stood out:

    “I went through school, I worked my way through, it took me seven years, I never borrowed a dime of money…. I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that. We live in an opportunity society and people are forgetting that.”

    There are a few relevant angles to comments like Foxx’s. For one thing, House Republicans made Foxx the chair of the House panel on higher education, which make her comments that much more disconcerting. For another, she went to a state school four decades ago, when tuition was far more affordable, and students and their families didn’t need to take out exorbitant loans.

    There’s also the matter of Foxx’s party’s presumptive presidential nominee, who put himself through school thanks to money from family stock sales, and who now wants to scrap college aid for millions of American students, on purpose, for ideological reasons.

    But what also stood out for me is Foxx’s choice of words: she lacks “tolerance” for families burdened by massive debts, because they had the nerve to want more education.

    It’s not just that conservative Republicans are indifferent to those who are struggling; the larger truth appears to be that these GOP policymakers seem to have disdain for these Americans, even during difficult economic times.

    This goes well beyond education aid.


    We also learned this week, for example, that House Republicans are scrambling to pay for additional Pentagon spending that the Pentagon says it doesn’t want. How does the GOP intend to finance the additional spending? By cutting food stamps.

  • GreenLadyHere
  • rikyrah

    Great segment from Lawrence O’Donnell about the internals of the CNN poll, and how bad they are for Willard.

  • Miranda

    Romney Actively Sought Nugent Endorsement and Agreed to His Demands to Win It

    Mitt Romney actively sought, and won, Ted Nugent’s endorsement in early March. According to a report in the Texas Tribune and Nugent himself, the two had a lengthy conversation about gun laws and the endorsement on March 2nd.

    Nugent made Romney pledge not to put any new restrictions on guns. Romney obliged:

    more here

    • He actively sought the endorsement of a has been fruitcake musician who has no power or influence but Romney agreed to whatever he wanted?

      He’s not only a phony but a tone deaf weakling.

      • Miranda

        It amazes me how they rewrite history

        Romney Campaign: We Never Asked For Ted Nugent’s Endorsement
        Contrary to reports from the time, the Romney campaign says it never sought the endorsement of conservative shock rocker Ted Nugent. On Tuesday, the Romney campagin distanced itself from Nugent’s incendiary speech at the NRA convention over the weekend. And on Wednesday, it went further, telling NBC News Romney “never solicited” the backing of Nugent, who has a long history of violent rhetoric toward Democrats.

        more here

        do they think the video, audio, tweets, etc…will just disappearr?

        Or rather they know the media will be complicit in pretending it never happened.

        • So who’s lying? You know it’s Romney.

    • Town

      Nugent made Romney pledge not to put any new restrictions on guns. Romney obliged:


      Why is Mitt Romney bowing down to Ted Nugent?

      Can you imagine the outrage if Barack Obama sought the endorsement of NWA?

    • GN

      Mitt’s son, Tagg, March 2, 2012 (Twitter):

      “Ted Nugent endorsed my Dad today. Ted Nugent? How cool is that?! He joins Kid Rock as great Detroit musicians on team Mitt!”

      • Miranda

        Its really kinda sad that this 20 something young adult is excited at all over Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

        • PBomb

          Kid Rock, I can see. His last album from 2011, went multi-platinum and folks listen to his crap(lord knows why). He is the typical case of white trash that comes from nowhere becomes something and is conservative. He is from Michigan and for some reason white folks from Michigan just vote against their self-interests every.single.time.

          I don’t know how Jennifer Granholm got reelected twice as Governor.

          Ted Nugent hasn’t had a platinum record since 1978. All of his tours have showcase music that he has played since Sodom and Gomorrah existed. He has always been a crazy loon.

          • vulcan_girl

            I think it’s the law in Michigan that the governors get two terms and they have to alternate – D/R/D/R/D. At least that’s how it’s been my whole life.

          • PBomb

            How crappy? So if a yahoo gets voted in, you will have to suffer for 8 years.

          • vulcan_girl

            It’s just worked out that way for so long (at least 40 years) that it seems like the law. It’s definitely weird.

  • No Savings Are Found From Welfare Drug Tests

    MIAMI — Ushered in amid promises that it would save taxpayers money and deter drug users, a Florida law requiring drug tests for people who seek welfare benefits resulted in no direct savings, snared few drug users and had no effect on the number of applications, according to recently released state data.

    “Many states are considering following Florida’s example, and the new data from the state shows they shouldn’t,” said Derek Newton, communications director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which sued the state last year to stop the testing and recently obtained the documents. “Not only is it unconstitutional and an invasion of privacy, but it doesn’t save money, as was proposed.”

    This week, Georgia instituted a nearly identical law, with supporters saying it would foster greater personal responsibility and save money. As in Florida, the law is expected to draw a legal challenge. The Southern Center for Human Rights, based in Atlanta, said it expected to file a lawsuit once the law takes effect in the next several months. A number of other states are considering similar bills.


    • Just a way to redirect money into Scott’s bank account.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM – — -THERE is a REASON – — “WHYCOME” THIS “incident” CONTINUES 2 – -HAVE LEGS!! – – —THE REASON is – — -MR. PRESIDENT!!

    With erry article – –they KEEP HIS NAME — -CLOSER 2 the “incident.” — –

    – – – –Agents Boasted About Work to Prostitutes: Sources – —

    – – –In another apparent security breach, Secret Service agents in Colombia bragged to prostitutes that they were in charge of protecting President Obama, sources tell ABC News. As they partied at a sex club, members of the president’s advance team allegedly boasted: “We work for Obama,” and “we’re here to protect him,” the network reports. The agents also had schedules of the president’s itinerary in their rooms, MSNBC reported, when they invited as many as 21 prostitutes back to their hotel . . .
    THERE is MORE – –MESS!!


    Annnd PLEASE don’t tryta tell us that this incident is the FIRST one of it’s kind!! U KNOW that it DATES BACK –B4 MR. PRESIDENT!! – —


    NEXT HEADLINE: – – – -MR. PRESIDENT annnd “WORKING LADIES”. — -WATCH!! – – – -geesh!!!


  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM —-GR8 ENDORSEMENT NEWS!! – —4 MR. PRESIDENT! – –Woo! Hoo! – —

    – –Exclusive: Sierra Club, big green groups to endorse Obama – –

    – –President Barack Obama will receive endorsements Wednesday from the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, Clean Water Action and Environment America, according to an environmental political operative and a House Democratic source.

    Officials at the environmental groups were mum, though they did tip their hands by announcing a 9 a.m. conference call with reporters to “make a major endorsement announcement for the 2012 election.”

    “I can tell you that we will not be endorsing Rick Santorum,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune told POLITICO on Tuesday.

    – —THIS – –>For the Sierra Club, the Obama endorsement will be the earliest ever given in a presidential contest. It backed John Kerry in May 2004 but didn’t get behind President Bill Clinton’s reelection bid until September 1996, a late date due to unhappiness over his signing of a 1995 budget bill including logging language green groups opposed.


  • GN

    Really good take-down of the Romney campaign’s attempt to make the Seamus story go away by joking about POTUS:

    • Rhoda

      I don’t have a clue about this until I googled the whole thing; and I can’t believe they’re that desperate they’re throwing the actions of a child in the face of the man.

      • GN

        They don’t believe that nonsense; it’s just about wanting the media to see both stories as equivalent and a joke, so that they stop reporting about Seamus. That’s all. I hope that Dogs Against Romney doubles down.

        • Miranda

          I saw this foolishness on mediaiate earlier. Are they seriously trying to compare a elem school age child with a grown azz man in any way? LOL, I had to leave a comment since that dumbass Jim Treacher left one, I replied directly to him. These are some really really stupid people.

          • GreenLadyHere

            miranda – – – –Are they seriously trying to compare a elem school age child with a grown azz man in any way?


            Annnd – – -when he was young — – –MR. PRESIDENT WAS WAAAAY ABOVE him –in THOUGHT – – -WORD annnnd DEED!! — –

            THANK U 4 your COMMENT 2 Treacher!! :>) – – – -GET HIM!! :>)

    • According to Wikipedia, “Eating dog is forbidden under Jewish and Islamic dietary laws, as dogs are considered to be ritually unclean in these two faith”, so there goes the “Obama is a Moooslim” talking points. #LemonsIntoLemonade #FlippingTheScript

      • Miranda

        That fool at the Daily Caller thinks equating a child with a man is ok.

        You know who else thinks a 8 yr old boy is just the same as a 37 yr old man? A pedophile. I think an investigation is warranted of Jim Treacher.

    • GN


      Dogs Against Romney: On Obama, Dog Meat, and Mitt

      I woke up early this morning to my phone ringing. It was a reporter, wanting to know the reaction of Dogs Against Romney to “new information” brought up by Romney campaign operatives. I asked her to read it to me. It seems they dug up some info from President Obama’s book in which he wrote that he once was fed dog meat, as a young child, while in Indonesia with his family.

      “How old was he?” I asked her. “I don’t know,” she said, “maybe 10.”

      “I think dog meat is fairly common, culturally, in Indonesia, isn’t it?” I asked. She said she wasn’t sure.

      Still a little groggy from being awakened, I found it easy to come my conclusion: “I think it sounds pretty desperate on the part of the Romney campaign to bring this up as if it compares in an way to what Romney did.”


      The entire piece is well worth the read.

      • Guns3000

        If this is what they are going to hang their hat on to win the election then go for it.

        • GN

          This isn’t a strategy coming from the PBO campaign and is hardly what’s going to decide the election, but these people are animal rights activists and have every right to register disapproval.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM – — -THEY –“Gettin’ Ready — Gettin’ Ready – —2 RUMBLE!!” –HAH! —–

    — — –DCCC preps $32M TV blitz against 26 GOP incumbents – – -Woo! Hoo! — —

    – — –The fall campaign just started.

    POLITICO has learned that the House Democratic campaign arm is reserving more than $32 million in broadcast TV advertising after Labor Day, the first real signal of the party’s strategy for winning back control of the House.

    The ad buy, the earliest in Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee history, stretches from the Northeast to the Mountain West and covers dozens of congressional districts in 14 states — most of them key presidential battlegrounds.

    —A strategist familiar with the buy said that with presidential candidates, outside interest groups and well-funded super PACs poised to unleash an unprecedented flood of ads, the committee wanted to lock in TV advertising early, before inventory is bought out and rates become more expensive. Operatives from both parties say they expect ad prices to skyrocket by summer.

    – —THOSE – – -SUPER PACS – –have their —ADvantages. :>) — –

  • GreenLadyHere


    – –US Troops Posed With Suicide Bombers’ Remains
    Soldier gives 18 images to ‘Los Angeles Times’
    — –

    —-On at least two occasions, paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division posed for pictures with body parts of fallen Afghan insurgents, the Los Angeles Times revealed today, after a soldier from the division sent the paper 18 resulting photos. In one, soldiers grin for the camera while holding aloft the corpse’s severed legs; in another, they have a severed hand flip off the camera. In still another, someone placed a patch reading “Zombie Hunter” next to some remains.

    The anonymous soldier who provided the photos said he did so to call attention to the poor leadership and discipline he saw in Afghanistan. The Army has launched a criminal investigation, and says it will “take appropriate action” against those in the photos, most of whom have been identified; the AP notes that top military officials have condemned the soldiers’ actions. But a Pentagon spokesman also criticized the Times for releasing the two-year-old images,. . .

  • Rhoda

    Mitt Romney’s campaign has telegraphed their strategy: they’re going to “bracket” the President. He goes to Ohio, Mitt will go to Ohio. He gives a speech, Mitt will give a speech. This apparently is a good thing; chasing around the President to say what? He’s a failure? He’s a dog eater? He’s a liberal? He’s a commie? He’s black?

    I have no doubt that the Republicans will have more money to spend and will throw shade like that dog eating story. But at the end of the day, they have no campaign. They have nothing to bring to this country to say this is why you should vote for Mitt. They keep saying they have an economic argument to make; but every time they try it seems to fall apart. They don’t have the discipline to take a message and run it to the ground and they don’t have a message. And all the money in the world can’t help you with that fact.

    Barack Obama will have enough money to get his message across and defend his campaign as Jerry Brown did in Cali when facing Meg Whitman. The problem with the Romney campaign is simple: he’s got nothing. He started running when he lost in 2008 and it shows. That kind of desperate; well it’s not something that smells good. And the stink of it grows as the campaign nears.

    • GreenLadyHere


      GR8 thoughts –Rhoda. :>)

      – –LOL – –He’s black? – – –I wanna C him FOLLOW THIS!! LOL. – —

      —Annnd THIS: – – — But at the end of the day, they have no campaign. They have nothing to bring to this country to say this is why you should vote for Mitt. — —

      YEP! – – -EVEN afta a FIRST run 4 this office —HE HAS NO –RECORD of ACHIEVEMENT or SUCCESS. – -NONE!! – —

      Good 2 C U. Have a good day Rhoda. :>)

    • JeremyZiglar

      I haven’t posted in a while but I do agree with majority of what you said. But I believe that the Obama campaign will have a lot of money and they will continue to raise plenty of money especially as the general election goes on. I really do believe that Romney won’t be able to outspend Obama and at best they will be matched dollar for dollar.

      Also Obama is lucky because he doesn’t depend on Super Pacs while Mitt does. A super pac can’t register voters, it can’t formulate a ground campaign, and it can’t do the little things like a real campaign operation.

    • rikyrah

      he has NEVER had a story as to why HE should be President.

      Remember, he spent the primary season, not making a case for himself, but using all that money to go negative on his opponents.

      the entire ‘ bracketing’ thing cracked me up when I read it.

      • pamelabrown53

        “Bracketing”, my white soda cracker ass. Romeny’s an effin’ stalker.

  • GreenLadyHere

    GOOD MORNTIN’ – -ALEXANDER2. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – – –

    – —GR8 CHOICE. – –:>)

    – -THIS — — ->“If I take the job to manage the ball-club, and also play, I get the same amount. But they’ve put me in a position where they know I almost can’t refuse their offer. . . . If I turn the job down, that would just give other owners an excuse not to hire me or other blacks.”


    Annnd THIS —- ->Robinson was the first manager to win the award in both leagues. – – -WOW&1/2!!! – — -Woo! Hoo! – – –

    YES!! :>) THANK U!! – – -MR. FRANK ROBINSON. :>)
    [SURE — -I remember him. :>) His NAME was a topic of discussion in our household. :>)]

    – – —THANK U 4 THIS SERIES – ——ALEXANDER2.—-Sooooo INSPIRATIONAL. :>) —-Have a WONDERFUL DAY. :>) ——-

    ———Lookin’ 4-ward —– 2 – MORE!!!- —

  • JojoRaze

    Mitt Romney is a shameless liar; Ann Romney bothers me because instead of using the supposed Hilary Rosen gaffe to advocate for stay-at-home moms, she made it about her. Michelle never does that. She always redirects from herself to other women! Two: Mittens’ VP has to be a woman–that 16 % deficit has to be lessened–and it would be better if she is a Latina. I think Gov Susana Martinez is the number 1 choice since she fits the bill BUT, apparently her father has Alzheimer’s–iirc–and her sister is severely developmentally disabled and she has said she doesn’t want to leave the two of them in NM when they need her. So, I think if Ms. Martinez’s family’s health issues improve, she’ll be the VP, and they don’t Nikki Haley will be the nominee. Nikki Haley is a good choice in that she’s Southern and a woman of color which may help the party win over some women ticked off by the Repubs.

    • When Haley was on The View, she said she didn’t want to be VP. Then again, she also has said she’s white, so…

    • itgurl_29

      Nikki Haley identifies as “white”. Yes, she is an Indian woman who is openly passing.

      • JojoRaze

        She might identify as white, and I saw the article about it, but the RNC and Mitt are looking for her to be their token. If the nominee isn’t a woman of color, it will be a man of color–maybe Nevada’s Gov Sandoval. But he’s pro-choice…so, maybe not. The Repubs have to get more Latinos and women to vote for them or they’ll lose, badly.

    • rikyrah

      hee hee hee

      bring on Nikki Haley..

      oh yeah, put her on the ticket.

      hee hee hee

    • Town

      Mitt is going to choose a white man like himself. Nikki Haley can sit down, because even with the XX chromosome factor going against her, she’s kind of corrupt and unpopular. Plus don’t forget those sleep around slut rumors swirling about her.

      Nope, Mitt’s not going to Palinize himself. He’s choosing a white man.

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – –SI –SE –PUEDE! :>) – —

    – –Obama unveils Spanish-language ad campaign – – —

    — —President Obama’s reelection campaign is going up with a Spanish-language ad buy in Colorado, Nevada and Florida.

    The ad highlights Obama’s education record and touts policies that have helped Hispanic college students and and children.

    “President Obama understands us. He understands what it’s like to not have what everyone else has,” the narrator of one ad, an Obama campaign organizer, says in Spanish.

    — “Since President Obama took office, things have gotten better,” the narrator said. “And the President is not going to stop.”

    The effort is an attempt to engage Latinos in crucial swing states — many of whom have been alienated from the Republican party over the party’s hardline stance on immigration reform and the DREAM Act.

    The campaign will also launch a Latinos for Obama outreach effort today on a conference call with reporters, describing it as ” the largest ever national effort to engage Hispanic Americans in their communities.”

  • I find the timing of these studies suspect as hell, as well as a total misrepresentation of FLOTUS’ concern about food deserts and her mission to combat obesity. When talking about food deserts, she has talked about the lack of grocery stores in urban and rural communities, as well as the lack of access to high quality, affordable produce. Just because an urban or a rural community has a grocery store doesn’t mean it’s selling high quality produce or that it’s affordable. I have seen instances where a supermarket chain has lower quality foods in predominately Black and Brown neighborhoods, but higher quality foods in white neighborhoods. So, if you want fresh fruits and veggies, you have to drive alllllll the way to the white version of the supermarket to shop. I’ve also seen the change in the quality of a supermarket once the neighborhood goes from being majority white to majority Black and/or Brown. So, these studies get a major side-eye from me.

    Studies Question the Pairing of Food Deserts and Obesity

    It has become an article of faith among some policy makers and advocates, including Michelle Obama, that poor urban neighborhoods are food deserts, bereft of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    But two new studies have found something unexpected. Such neighborhoods not only have more fast food restaurants and convenience stores than more affluent ones, but more grocery stores, supermarkets and full-service restaurants, too. And there is no relationship between the type of food being sold in a neighborhood and obesity among its children and adolescents.


    • rikyrah

      sharing the side eye with you

    • Miranda

      Wonder who funded this “study”.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – –***fist bump*** – – -BEYOND -SUSPICIOUS!!! – —

      We KNOW!! – —-

      – –THIS – – ->But two new studies have found something unexpected. Such neighborhoods not only have more fast food restaurants and convenience stores than more affluent ones, but more grocery stores, supermarkets and full-service restaurants, too. And there is no relationship between the type of food being sold in a neighborhood and obesity among its children and adolescents.

      Annnnd – — WHO FUNDED THESE STUDIES!!?????

      – – – –NO DOUBT – – SOME -RIGHT WANGERS!! – – –

      HENCE – –THEY – -WILL FIND – –what they WANTED 2 LOOK 4!! –

      – – —-UN-SCIENTIFICALLY!!! – – –

      THEY AIN’T SLICK!! — -***tsk*** ***MEGA EYE ROLL****

    • Town

      This is what people don’t understand: if you are poor and don’t have your own transportation or access to transportation, and grocery stores ARE NOT located in your neighborhood, how the heck are you supposed to get nutritious groceries?

      Where I live, there’s 4 grocery stores plus a Walmart within 2-10 minutes of my house.

      If I drive 15 minutes down the road to my old neighborhood, they have only ONE chain grocery store and a Sav A Lot.

      If I drive 15 minutes down the road from there, there are NO chain grocery stores, only small “convenient” stores selling liquor and lottery tickets.

      How the heck are the people in the hood supposed to get nutritious food when the only stores are selling snacks, liquor and lottery tickets?

      • Co-sign 100%

      • Guns3000

        The question is would they eat healthier if there was a choice? When you have 34% of people in US that are obese it isn’t just a “hood” problem? People from all backgrounds have terrible eating habits. Is it an access problem or people just choosing to eat garbage. I would say it is more of the latter.

        • Ebogan63

          I would venture that it’s access, lack of information and poor choices.

    • Ebogan63

      I believe we need that cartoon caption, “Let me tell you why that’s bullshit” for this article.

      Just to illustrate, there’s a Walmart, Food 4 Less within 10-20 min walking distance from my house. Many of the poorer areas here in Portland have little or no groc. stores, and if they do, I would hardly call the food sold in those stores ‘nutritious’

      The way we deliver food in this country leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the inner city.

      • Also note that one of the studies only focused on California and used data from 2005-2007:

        “Data from 8226 children (aged 5–11 years) and 5236 adolescents (aged 12–17 years) from the 2005 and 2007 California Health Interview Survey were analyzed in 2011. The dependent variables are daily servings of fruits, vegetables, juice, milk, soda, high-sugar foods, and fast food, which were regressed on measures of food environments. Food environments were measured by counts and density of businesses, distinguishing fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, small food stores, grocery stores, and large supermarkets within a specific distance (varying from 0.1 to 1.5 miles) from a respondent’s home or school.”

      • Town

        I remember the local radio talk show host saying if those people can’t get a grocery store in their neighborhood, then maybe they should move.

        Where? Next to you? You wouldn’t be having that and you know it.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – —Vanessa Williams’ Latest Bombshell: Besides Childhood Molestation, She Had Teenage Abortion– —

    Here’s a SONG 4 her: – —I WILL SURVIVE! — –

    THANK U 4 your TALENTS –Ms. Vanessa. :>)

    [Now: THIS story line can stop.]

    • I really don’t understand why she is coming out with this.

      • itgurl_29

        She’s spilling all her tea!

      • Town

        She wrote a new book?

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY udonthave2likeme. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – – — I ‘ON’T KNOW. – The FIRST revelation was a shock.
        Annnd while less shocking, I ‘ON’T KNOW why it was not revealed the first time.- – –***sigh***

        Good 2 C U. :>)

      • Guns3000


  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – – – –***where R my SUNGLASSES?*** LOL — — It’s Sooo BRIGHT!! — – THIS is all that he talks 2! — – –

    – – – –Real Americans Tell Romney It May Be ‘Necessary’ To Raise Their Taxes

    – – — As part of his attempt to appear more relateable, presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney sat with a handful of regular, working Americans in Pennsylvania today to discuss their plight in the struggling economy. But the Romney campaign may not have vetted the attendees to make sure they were sufficiently anti-tax before giving them access to the candidate and his picnic table full of lemonade and pretzels.

    One woman at the gathering said she was scared about the fate of her public schools, given deep cuts to the state budget (incidentally, the man who pushed those cuts, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, endorsed Romney today). “I don’t like to see cuts made in anything in education,” she said, citing her daughter’s experience. Another man chimed in, noting that “the fat” had already been trimmed and now important education programs were being hit.

    – – –He went on to say, “None of us like to pay more taxes, but sometimes that’s necessary.” Another woman added, “It’s a necessary evil.” “Right, right,” a third person said as everyone in the group nodded. Watch it:

    Annnnd —HE DOESN’T LISTEN!! – —MORE EVIDENCE – —He does NOT RELATE 2 anybody – -BUT the RICH!!- –LOSER!! geesh!!

  • Miranda

    This is the guy from whom Romney sought out an endorsement…ok

    In that 1990 interview with the Free Press and from information collected from the Chickenhawk Web site, Nugent told about how he avoided the draft: “He claims that 30 days before his Draft Board Physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene. The last 10 days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and a week before his physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether, virtually living inside his pants caked with excrement and urine. That spectacle won Nugent a deferment.”

    • pamelabrown53

      Ewwww, Miranda. Thanks for helping me with my diet. I was just thinking about eating a hunk of cheese but after your comment: appetite gone!

    • GN

      So basically he shat himself in fear of being deployed and is now a fake tough guy who commiserates about guns and violence with other scared shitless fake tough guys. #ZimmermansCrowd

    • Guns3000

      How come the media isn’t playing the guilty by association game they played with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers?

      • Miranda

        cuz the media is full of shit.

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – —WAITIN’ 4 THIS! – –:>) – – –

    – —Time’s 100 ‘Most Influential People in the World’ list includes Obama, Pippa, Tebow, Kim, Lin, Lauer – —

    – – –Time magazine released its annual list of the 100 “Most Influential People in the World” on Wednesday. Among them: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffett, Catherine and Pippa Middleton, Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin and Matt Lauer.

    The magazine said it picked people “who inspire us, entertain us, challenge us and change our world.” And not always for the better. Included on the list were Syria president Bashar Assad, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Mullah Mohammed Omar, spiritual leader of the Taliban. Somali Islamic militant Sheik Moktar Ali Zubeyr was included in the “rogues gallery,” too.

    Anonymous, the controversial Internet “hacktivist” collective, won the magazine’s online poll for its inclusion on the 2012 list.

    There are 38 women on the 2012 list, more than any other year, Time said. Adele, Rihanna and “Saturday Night Live” star Kristen Wiig made it, while singer Lana Del Rey–the Internet sensation who had been nominated–did not.

    As with any list, there were other snubs: Romney and fellow Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul were selected, but Newt Gingrich was not. Stephen Colbert, Time decided, was more influential than Jon Stewart.

    – –LOL! – – –teh newton LEROY — — –ALONE AGAIN – –NATURALLY! LOL.

  • GreenLadyHere

    ALEXANDER2 – – -WOW&1/2! – – –BROTHAS- –MOVIN’ ON UP!! – —

    – —5 Kentucky underclassmen declare intention to enter NBA – – —

    – – —Kentucky’s starting lineup of three freshmen and two sophomores did most everything together en route to the school’s eighth national title. Now, they will each go their separate ways in the NBA.

    Freshmen Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Marquis Teague, and sophomores Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb declared for the draft in a nationally televised news conference Tuesday night.

    “Let me just say that Anthony and Doron and Terrence have decided to put their names in the NBA draft, so they will do that,” coach John Calipari said, pausing for a dramatic effect. “And Michael and Marquis Teague have also decided to put their names in the draft.

    “I was trying to scare some coaches out there, that’s all I was doing.”

    The group, all clad in similar blue UK golf shirts, came into the season largely untested before ascending to No. 1, winning the Southeastern Conference in dominating fashion and capping an NCAA tournament run with a 67-59 victory over Kansas in the title game.

    The five join seniors Darius Miller and Eloy Vargas leaving the program.



  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM – – -Gotta “bounce” 2 attend a conference. MISSIN” U/CARRYIN’ U – –IN MY ♥ – — Will post as soon as I am able. :>) ***HUGS♥***

  • Miranda

    ALEC touts itself as a free-market advocacy group that brings lawmakers and corporations together to craft model legislation. State lawmakers pay $50 a year to join. Corporate members pay as much as $25,000.

    But over the past three years, documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service show that only around $250,000 of the $20 million ALEC has raised has come from state legislators.

    Its corporate membership has included national companies such as Koch Industries Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp., Wal-Mart and local entities such as Kansas City Power and Light Co.

    To encourage attendance at their conferences, where the work drafting model legislation is done, ALEC offers “scholarships” to members to pay for transportation, hotel and meals. In addition to working groups that actually craft the organization’s model legislation, lawmakers are treated to corporate-sponsored events, such as golf tournaments and evening receptions.

    Read more here:

  • rikyrah

    A growing interest in Mr. Secrecy
    By Steve Benen – Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:27 AM EDT.

    Mitt Romney appears rather desperate to shield his tax returns from public scrutiny. He has the materials — when Romney was considered for John McCain’s 2008 ticket, the former governor turned over 23 years worth of returns — he just doesn’t want to share the materials.

    The Romney campaign, however, has a new line it hopes will put a stop to the questions. Ed Gillespie told Fox News the other day, “In 2004, John Kerry as a Democratic presidential nominee, released two years of tax returns. In 2012, Governor Romney will release two years.” Romney himself repeated this on CNBC yesterday, saying, “John Kerry released two years of taxes.”

    The problem, of course, is that the talking point isn’t true. Judd Legum explained that Kerry, by the time of his 2004 presidential campaign, had actually released 20 years of tax returns.

    Romney was only off by a factor of 10.

    The larger point, however, is that Romney’s secretive habits and desire to keep relevant details out of public view are opening up a new vulnerability that Democrats seem eager to target: his penchant for secrecy. The Democratic National Committee released this video on Tuesday, asking “what else” Romney might be hiding.

    If it were just the tax returns, it’d be problematic enough, but Romney appears to have established a pattern that leaves him vulnerable: he bought the hard drives from his term as governor so he could hide emails from the public; he’s hiding the names of his fundraising bundlers from the public; he’s keeping details of his policy agenda hidden from the public until after the election, etc.

    These moves don’t exactly inspire trust in the presumptive Republican nominee.

    For its part, there’s a Republican response to this: Obama is going after Romney’s religion. No, seriously.


    Alec MacGillis flagged a report from Mike Allen’s Playbook, in which he quoted an unnamed Republican pushing back against accusations surrounding Romney’s secrecy.

    These are exactly the kind of questions we asked about Obama in 2008 and were accused of race baiting, or suggesting he was somehow un-American. Now they ask it: What’s his secret? It does seem like they are going after the Mormonism, right? I’d do the same thing if I was them. But we were never up on our high horse about better angels and hope and change and all that B.S.”

    Allen’s report also quoted an unnamed LDS member

    “[T]his is a way to talk about Romney’s Mormonism without appearing to be attacking his religion…. Because, isn’t Mormonism some mysterious cult involving secret temple rites and strange undergarments? And it just happens to dovetail with some minor points on offshore accounts, but I think the message between the lines is clear.”

    I have to admit, I didn’t see this one coming. If Democrats notice that Romney is keeping his tax returns hidden, and he purchased 17 state-issued hard drives, purging the Romney administration’s email records in advance of his presidential campaign, this is all part of an elaborate scheme to talk about … Mormons?

    Someone’s going to have to explain this one to me.

    My sincere hope is that we won’t reach the point at which every criticism of Romney leads to shrieks from Republicans saying, “See? They’re attacking his faith!” This kind of response to legitimate and secular inquiries is cheap, lazy, and wrong.

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  • rikyrah

    Kobach on Romney role: ‘Nothing’s changed’
    By Steve Benen – Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:26 PM EDT

    .In a rather blatant “Etch A Sketch” moment, the Romney campaign yesterday tried to distance the presumptive Republican nominee from Kris Kobach, the architect of harsh, right-wing immigration measures and a leading Romney advisor on immigration policy.

    It seemed like an odd move. Kobach has, after all, boasted several times about taking a leading role with Team Romney, advising the former governor “directly” on immigration.

    Now it appears Kobach is taking additional steps to make clear that he’s still an influential Romney insider. For example, consider what he told the conservative National Review.

    “Nothing’s changed,” Kobach says. “I just got off the phone with the senior officials in the Romney campaign and they confirmed nothing’s changed, I’m still an informal adviser in the sense that I regularly provide policy advice to the Romney team. The governor takes my advice, and does what he wants with it.”

    “This is probably an interesting little example of the kind of the games that the Obama team will play,” he added, “that is, they’ll try to goad someone on the Romney team into saying something that semantically can be twisted into a change of position, and then they’ll accuse the candidate of changing position, when in fact nothing’s changed.”

  • Miranda

    The war on women continues – next stop: Ohio

    Ohio House Republicans move to defund Planned Parenthood

    • rikyrah

      say it over and over and over


  • rikyrah

    Political AnimalBlog
    April 18, 2012 12:38 PM

    From Lack of Empathy To Disdain

    By Ed Kilgore

    Over at Maddow Blog, my esteemed predecessor Mr. Benen has a nice catch of an interview with Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), the chair of the House higher ed subcommittee, wherein she expressed a distinct lack of sympathy for those with large student loan burdens because, after all, she worked her way through college even though it delayed graduation by three years.

    Steve comments:

    [W]hat…stood out for me is Foxx’s choice of words: she lacks “tolerance” for families burdened by massive debts, because they had the nerve to want more education.

    It’s not just that conservative Republicans are indifferent to those who are struggling; the larger truth appears to be that these GOP policymakers seem to have disdain for these Americans, even during difficult economic times.
    This goes well beyond education aid.

    Indeed it does. Steve goes on to discuss Paul Ryan’s references to the “safety net” becoming a “hammock.” But I think a lot of progressives have had trouble grasping the extent to which the anger associated with the Tea Party Movement in particular owes a lot to a sense of moral self-righteousness aimed at people deemed to have had it easier than hard-working, tax-paying folk like them.

    It is most evident in the belief of Medicare recipients that their hard-earned benefits (earned via both payroll taxes and a virtuous lifetime of work) are being threatened by the extension of government-subsidized and guaranteed health insurance to those who presumably have not earned it. But even before the ACA debate, it was evident in the hostility towards families with underwater mortgages, who should have known better than to take out loans they might not be able to repay. Now the fact that many Tea Folk feeling this anger may have benefitted in the past from government-subsidized mortgages (not to mention the mortgage interest deduction), and from beneficial turns in the real estate market, might have induced some sympathy. But in an atmosphere where right-wing propaganda weaved a lurid tale of ACORN conspiring with Big Government under the auspices of the Community Reinvestment Act to put loans in the hands of shiftless poor and minority people, it was easy for people watching their own home equity decline to blame the interlopers who were ruining the great American tradition of homeownership.

    It’s a natural byproduct of cultural conservatism in an era of rapid change to think the country’s going to hell in a handbasket, and that younger people (or darker people who also haven’t shared your particular experiences) want something for nothing, at your expense. Consciously or not, political conservatives have actively exploited this tendency and used it to sever or even invert the normal sense of solidarity most Americans feel towards people in need. To put it another way, moral disdain is necessary to produce a lack of empathy. So we will see a lot more of it going forward, God help us.

  • rikyrah

    New poll data from the Pew Research Center suggests that not only does President Obama enjoy a clear edge over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney among women but that younger women favor the incumbent overwhelmingly, a data point that suggests a potential long term problem for the GOP.

    …. The number that really stands out is that among women between the ages of 18-29, Obama is beating Romney by 45 points. Yes, 45. While Obama is leading Romney among all 18-29 years old by 28 points (61 percent to 33 percent), the fact he is down by such a vast margin among young women has to set off red flags in Republican world.

    …. lose women by any more than 11 points and it’s difficult for a Republican to get elected to the White House…. Republicans have to hope the yawning gender gap – particularly among young women — is temporary. If it’s not, it could mean big trouble not just for Romney but for Republican presidential nominees in four, eight or even twelve years time.

    • Which is why the Romney camp and their media puppets concocted that nontroversy about Rose dissin’ SAHMs.

      And the WSJ can’t try to spin this as women not knowing the Romneys because this is a MASSACHUSETTS poll.

  • rikyrah

    Obama: ‘I Wasn’t Born With A Silver Spoon In My Mouth’

    In a speech on the economy and opportunity at an Ohio community college, President Obama said, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”

    Somebody gave me an education. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Michelle wasn’t. Somebody gave us a chance. Just like these folks up here are looking for a chance.

  • Miranda

    Lawsuit: Former Bain execs fired employees for not being Mormon

    Former executives from Bain Capital, a company founded by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, have been accused of firing six out of seven members of a management team for not belonging to the Mormon church.

    David McCurdy and four other co-plaintiffs are suing Sorenson Capital Partners (SCP), Care Holding Co., Care Senior Living, and SCP Care Acquisition because they say the private equity firm fired them from their jobs at Care Senior Living because they were not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), according to Courthouse News Service.

    more here

    • rikyrah

      uh huh

      uh huh

    • Aquagranny911

      No surprise. Try to get a job in Utah, especially a decent one, if you aren’t Mormon.

    • Guns3000

      I believe it. I’ve lived in Utah. The Mormon Mafia is no joke.

  • rikyrah

    Dick Clark
    Dead at 82
    ‘Massive Heart Attack’

    Dick Clark — famed TV producer, and “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” host — died from a massive heart attack this morning … TMZ has learned.

    Clark’s rep tells TMZ, the TV icon had been in St. John’s hospital in L.A. after undergoing an outpatient procedure last night. Clark suffered the “massive” heart attack following the procedure. Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

    Clark was 82.

    Clark’s health had been on the decline since he suffered a significant stroke in 2004 — forcing him to retire from his hosting gig at “New Years’ Rockin’ Eve,” which he created in 1972.

    Ryan Seacrest took over in 2006. Dick has appeared on the show sporadically ever since.

    Before suffering a stroke, Clark told Larry King he also suffered from Type 2 diabetes.

    Clark was married 3 times — and has 3 children from his first two marriages. He is survived by his current wife Kari Wigton.

    “For now, Dick Clark … so long.”

    • GN


    • Alma98

      My condolences to his wife and children.

    • MsKitty

      My local station used to show Soul Train and American Bandstand back-to-back. That was my Saturday morning for much of my childhood.

      RIP Dick and thanks for the memories. Tell Don Cornelius I said hi.

      • Aquagranny911

        You must be about the same age as my children because they watched those shows too. They would push the furniture out of the way so they had room to dance along. They loved Soul Train.

    • RIP Mr. Clark. New Year’s won’t be the same without you.

    • Aquagranny911

      RIP Dick & my heart to your family in their loss.

    • rikyrah

      Between AB and Soul Train, that’s the soundtrack of my life until adulthood.

      RIP, World’s Oldest Teenager.

  • lamh35

    Darn, I had to come off my inteenet exile for the news about Dick Clark.

    Aww man, I still try to stay up every year to watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. As I’ve gotten older, haven’t been able to stay up so late…LOL.

    RIP Dick Clark.

  • rikyrah

    The Blacks and the Conservatives
    By Ta-Nehisi Coates
    Apr 18 2012, 10:00 AM ET

    One problem with getting African-Americans to regard the conservative movement with anything other than antipathy is that movement’s persistent proximity with white racists. National Review is seemingly the house organ for sane conservatives. Up until last week they regularly featured the writing of an admitted racist John Derbyshire and “race realist” Robert Weissberg.

    Above you can find Weissberg, discussing how he believes Jews view blacks. If you are black, be careful. The urge to punch through your monitor will prove quite strong. What’s most insidious is Weissberg implicates other Jews in his attempt to rehab the word “schvartze.” (It’s not like Nigger!) National Review’s editor Rich Lowry was obviously “shocked and appalled.” Alex Pareene shows even more links.

    Again the thing to note here is the base level of inhumanity you see on display. Never forget that when Derbyshire is telling his kids to cultivate black friends and use them to deflect charges of racism, he isn’t merely responding to, say, the rhetoric of Al Sharpton (which would be bad enough) he is responding to the death of someone’s child, Pay close attention to Weissberg’s tone toward African-Americans.

    When white resentment is a significant plank in your platform, cruelty follows.

    • So Rev Al standing up for his people is “rhetoric”? F.U. T.C.

  • Miranda

    Evening thread is up!

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