August 23, 2014

Friday Afternoon Thread: Hype Williams Week

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Brandy feat Wanya Morris – Brokenhearted
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Friday Open Thread: Black Male Model Pioneers



Today, just pics of the first black male model to be signed exclusively to a fashion house – Tyson Beckford

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Thursday Evening Thread: ICYMI Video of the Day – Talib Kweli vs Don Lemon

When everyone has already given you the epic side-eye like so: Then you know you aren't worth a damn. Talib Kweli shows us what the citizens of Ferguson already have, this mofo aint worth a … [Read More...]


Thursday Afternoon Thread: Hype Williams Week

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me … [Read More...]

charles williamson

Thursday Open Thread: Black Male Model Pioneers

Good Morning POU! Today's feature, we don't have much information on him in the way of a bio, but he was one of the top male models of the late 70s and 80s and served the longest tenure of any … [Read More...]


Wednesday Evening Thread: Here’s to Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West and Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons!

Good Evening POU! Here's a feel good story we could all use right now. Let's celebrate the continued achievements of Chicago's Jackie Robinson West and Philadelphia's Taney Dragons! Associated … [Read More...]


Wednesday Afternoon Thread: Hype Williams Week

Tupac feat Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman - California Love … [Read More...]

rashid silvera

Wednesday Open Thread: Black Male Model Pioneers

Happy Hump Day POU! Today's feature is a Social Studies teacher that fell into modeling as a second career. Rashid Silvera For nearly 25 years, Rashid Silvera taught high school social … [Read More...]

Tuesday Evening Thread: ICYMI – Ferguson Protestors Do What Dems Won’t, Tell Fox News Where To Go

Yes, you CAN tell Fox News to fuck off. 'Say That S**t!' Fox Reporter Gets Cursed Out On-Air By Ferguson Protestor  … [Read More...]

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