May 27, 2015

Wednesday Open Thread: African American Military Heroes

Good Morning POU!

Today’s featured hero was a honoree on the “Badass of the Week” site that is dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients.

Dwight Hal Johnson


Johnson was born on May 7, 1947, and lived in the E. J. Jeffries Homes, in Detroit, Michigan. He never knew his father, and his mother raised Dwight and his younger brother by herself.

Drafted to serve in the United States Army in Vietnam, he was a member of Company B, 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 4th Infantry Division

You don’t really think of Vietnam as being a tank warfare kind of affair. Sure, there were plenty of intense, groin-crushing battles fought during the vicious multi-year slugfest through the jungles of Southeast Asia, but most of these showdowns were the ambush / search-and-destroy sort of events, with infantrymen slogging through armpit-deep mud, fighting off ambushes and human wave attacks in miserable driving rainstorms, and crawling through carefully-dug tunnels laden with booby traps.  You don’t exactly picture a Blitzkrieg of Panzers blasting through the hedgerows of Normandy or anything, mostly because trying to drive a tank through a jungle is a logistical undertaking that borders on being retarded. [Continue Reading…]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Whodini Week


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