January 29, 2015

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Akia the great

Thursday Open Thread: African Kings and Queens of the Past

Askia Muhammad I (ca. 1443 – 1538), born Muhammad Ture in Futa Tooro, later called Askia, also known as Askia the Great, was an emperor, military commander, and political reformer of the Songhai … [Read More...]


Wednesday Afternoon Thread: Maxwell Week

Luxury: Cococure … [Read More...]

Taharqa with Queen Takahatamun at Gebel Barkal.

Wednesday Open Thread: African Kings and Queens of the Past

Taharqa was a pharaoh of the Ancient Egyptian 25th dynasty and king of the Kingdom of Kush, which was located in Northern Sudan. Taharqa was the son of Piye, the Nubian king of Napata who had first … [Read More...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Maxwell Week

Fortunate … [Read More...]


POU Weekly NFL Picks and Conference Championship Winners

So everybody BUT ME picked the right two winners for the Conference Games? Oh...so that's how it is. WHATEVER! … [Read More...]


Tuesday Open Thread: African Kings and Queens of the Past

Yaa Asantewaa (c. 1840–17 October 1921) (pronounced YAA A-san-TE-WAA) was appointed queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire—now part of modern-day Ghana—by her brother Nana Akwasi Afrane Okpese, … [Read More...]


Monday Afternoon Thread: Maxwell Week

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever … [Read More...]

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