March 24, 2017

#TGIT Scandal S.6 Ep7.: A Traitor Among Us

Thursday Evening Thread: One Day Till The Weekend Wind Down

So anything interesting happen today??

Pelosi to Trump: Boy you ain’t ready

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Thursday Afternoon Thread: Mellencamp Week

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Thursday Open Thread: Blacks and the Mormon Church

Jane Elizabeth Manning James  fondly known as "Aunt Jane" was one of the first recorded African-American women to enter Utah.  She was member of the Latter Day Saint Church and lived with Joseph Smith … [Read More...]

Undergound S.2 Ep.3: Ache

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#Empire Wednesday: Mid-Season Premiere

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Wednesday Afternoon Thread: Mellencamp Week

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Wednesday Open Thread: Blacks and the Mormon Church

"Green" Flake  became one of the first African-American members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and was one of the first of three African-Americans to enter the Salt Lake Valley on … [Read More...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Mellencamp Week

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